Society of Public Historians
2013 Minutes

SPH Meeting Minutes
April 1st, 2013
Present (in no particular order): Dr. Price, Tim, Karen, Joanne, Lynsay, Carolyn, Jason, Seth, Austen, Keith, and Jordan
Newsletter Committee: Keith and Jordan volunteered to help Austen with the newsletter. They will attempt to have a rough draft for the summer edition by the end of the month.
The Obama Project: Carolyn and Dr. Price are working on a genealogy of the Obama family in Butler County, Kansas. It is more a genealogy of place, and while it centers on one family, politics are to be left at the door. There will be an unveiling party in May. This project is being done with a group in conjunction with the city, state, and even nation. If you would like to help, please contact Dr. Price or Carolyn.
Upcoming Events
Digitization workshop in Hays. Contact person: Dr. Price
Orpheum Tour April 20th, 11-12ish. Guests are welcome; there is a suggested donation of $5.00 per person. Parking is free on Saturdays. SPH members could possibly could do lunch afterwards. Contact Person: Keith. Let him know if you are coming.
KAH Conference in Topeka, April 25th-27th. There will be a tour of the Kansas Historical Society’s archives on Saturday. More information about the conference is available on the history department’s website. Contact person: Dr. Price. Let him know if you are coming; some might be able to carpool.

Down the Road:
Tim is working on bringing in a speaker from KU May 23rd or 24th. We are planning on about $100 honorarium, $0.55 per mile mileage, and paying for his hotel stay, should he need to stay overnight. The SGA might be able to help with funding. Contact person: Tim
On June 15th the Kansas Historical Society and the Kansas Humanities Foundation are coming to Wichita. There will be a tour of the historic Wichita Business District, and perhaps one for historic theaters. Volunteers are needed to help with tours. Contact Person: Dr. Price
There are many conferences coming this fall and winter. Jason recommends the Rocky Mountains Interdisciplinary History Conference will be in Boulder, Colorado, September 22nd-24th. Dr. Price recommends the February Pop Culture History Conference in Albuquerque. If you are interested in attending/presenting at a conference, Dr. Price has more information on these and several others. If you present, the graduate school may be able to help with funding.