10:30-12:00 Tour of Brown v. Board of Education Historical Site
12:30-4:00 Registration
1:00 Welcome with address by Tom Averill

Session 1: 1:30-3:00

A) Race and the Eugenic Nation:
Chair: Kelly Erby, Washburn University

  • Steven N. Potter, Washburn University, “Cut off the Bad Germplasm: The 1913-14 New York Times Eugenics Debate.”
  • Kerry Wynn, Washburn University, “ The Institution of Racial Determinism: Administrative Responses to Complexity in American Indian Affairs, 1900-1920”
  • Kimberly Morse, Washburn University, “There was never a more docile animal in the world than the Mexican; Eugenics and Other Rhetoric in the 1920s Immigration Debates”

B) Roundtable on Techniques and teaching of history
Moderator: Joyce Thierer, Emporia State University

  • Ann Birney, Ride into History “Memoir to Drama”
  • Angie Gumm, Wichita State University, “Reacting to the past”
  • Teresa Baumgartner , Butler Community College “The Obama Kansas Heritage web site”
  • Brad Fenwick, Hutchinson Community College, “Kansas history teaching standards”

C) Faith and Practice
Chair: David Bovee, Fort Hays State University

  • Anita Specht , Kansas Wesleyan University, “Religion as Power in Women’s Networks: A Comparison between Protestant and Catholic Women’s Political Action”
  • Janelle Bachand, Emporia State University, “The New Theology of the American Catholic Woman by the observation of Catholic Religious Women in Wichita, KS 1965-1969”
  • Robert D. Linder, Kansas State University, "Faithful Unto Death: The Moral Challenges of an RAAF Evangelical Christian in World War II, 1942-1944"
  • Robin Deich Ottoson, Kansas State University, “The Impact of Gerald B. Winrod on Mennonite Brethren in Kansas, 1925-1947”

3:00-3:15 Coffee and Refreshments

Session 2 : 3:15-4:45
A) Using Oral History to Explore Rural and Agricultural Issues in Twentieth Century Kansas”
Chair: Virgil Dean, Kansas State University

  • Katie Goerl, Kansas State University, “Schoolmother: “The Female Rural Schoolteacher of Wabaunsee and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas”
  • Joan Weaver, Kinsley Public Library, “Tractorcade to D.C.: Edwards County Farmers and the American Agricultural Movement, 1979.”

B) Roundtable: Attracting and Retaining History Students
Moderator: Hagith Sivan, University of Kansas

  • Hagith Sivan, University of Kansas
  • Kim Perez, Fort Hays State University
  • Tai Edwards, Johnson County Community College
  • Jay Price, Wichita State University

C) Culture Shifts: A Global Conversation
Chair: Tom Prasch, Washburn University

  • Mary Lucia-Darst, Washburn, University “Rediscovery of Mozart Opera”
  • Melinda Landeck, University of Kansas, “Mad for Meibutsu: The Pursuit of Famous Tea Objects by Early Modern Japanese Warriors”
  • Courtney Sullivan, Washburn University, “Rigolbouche Redux : Mistinguett and Christian-Jaque Reinterpret a Legend.”

5:30-6:30 Dinner On Your Own: Be Creative!


8:00 Coffee

Session 3: 8:30-10:00

A) Politicizing the Feminine
Chair: Bob Knecht , Kansas Historical Society

  • Deborah Newby, Washburn University, “The Abolitionist Women of Kansas: Their Moral and Righteous Fight to Make the Kansas Territory a Free State”
  • Cassandra Blackwell, Washburn University, “Women as Equals—Except Under the Law: The 1860s Kansas Struggle for Suffrage”
  • Kelly Erby, Washburn University, “Lunch off Ice Cream and Cake: Ladies’ Dining Rooms and Women’s Sphere in Antebellum Boston”

B) Remembering the Past
Chair: Theresa Young, Kansas State University

  • Jennifer Zoebelein, Kansas State University, “Lest Kansas City Forget Its War Heroes: The Liberty Memorial and Early Postwar Memory Construction”
  • Doug McGovern and Norman Joy, Vintage Visuals, “A “New” 3-D View of General Robert E Lee”
  • Keith Sprunger, Bethel College, “Old Main” at Kansas Colleges: Architectural History of Splendor, Survival and Loss

C) Early Christian History
Chair: Sally Zogry, Kansas Historical Society

  • Kurt Sherry, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, “Keeping up with the Cappadocians: Saints’ Vitae and Reality Entertainment “
  • Sarah Powell, Washburn University, “Making Herself Male : Images of Gender Transformation in Gnostic Writing"
  • Melissa Hasty, Baker University, “Constantine and the Cult of Sol Invictus: The Story of Sol Invictus and Christianity”

D) Responding to Slavery , Responding to the Responders
Chair: Leonard Ortiz, Baker University

  • Robert Clark, Kansas State University, “Evangelical Christian Assessments of John Brown and the Raid on Harpers Ferry”
  • John Patchen, Baker University, “Quantrill’s Terrorist Actions against the Brethren in Rural Douglas County and the Destruction of Brooklyn, Kansas in 1863.”
  • John Coughlin, Labette Community College, “Prigg v Pennsylvania"

Break 10:00-10:15

Session 4: 10:15-11:45
A) “Taking History out of the Tower and Into the Public Square” The case study of “Life is Never Dull: Sgt. Dorothy Dull and the WAC experience in World War II
Chair: Mark Jantzen, Bethel College

  • Jeff Nelson, Kansas State University
  • Troy Elkins, Kansas State University
  • Hannah Claire Marsh, Kansas State University

B) When Politics and Society Collide
Chair: Doug Harvey, Johnson County Community College

  • Vickie Stangl, Wichita State University, “Electing a Humanist to the Presidency”
  • Norman Caulfield, Fort Hays State University, “The Long Slump and the Class War”
  • Michael Kyle Thompson, Pittsburg State University, “The Caucus’ Loss of Legitimacy”

C) Stories of Kansas:
Chair: Jay Price, Wichita State University

  • Marcella Wiget, Kansas Historical Society, “Pioneering Psychiatry on the Plains”
  • Randy Fisher, Wichita State University, “The Orphan Trains in Kansas”
  • Sue Abdinnour, Wichita State University, “The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Lebanese Families in Kansas”
  • Caitlin Thompson, Baker University, “Freedom to Brew : John Walruff and the Fight against the Kansas Prohibition Movement.”

11:45-1:00 Annual Business Meeting and Lunch

1:00 Keynote Address: Jeff Moran : "Now What's the Matter with Kansas?: Kansas
Antievolution in the National Context"

2:30 Tour of KSHS archives, sponsored by Wichita State University Society of Public Historians