PAdm 775: Local Government Law

3 Credit Hours


Course Objectives:

  • Understanding of the fundamental institutions and processes in the American legal system
  • Understanding of basic legal research tools
  • Understanding of the legal organization, structures, functions, and operations of local government, and intergovernmental relations
  • Understanding the extent and limits on local government legal power
  • Understanding of legal principles related to local government property transactions, finance, employee relations, and tort liability

Course Description:
Exposes students to the legal principles which undergrid the foundation of governmental operation and administration.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Law and the American Legal System
  • Local Government Organization, Structure and Functions
  • Boundary Issues
  • Local Government Powers
  • Public Meetings, Public Records, and Public Protest
  • Employment Relations
  • Tort Liability
  • Service Provision and Finance