WSU Environmental Finance Center's Work in Water Experience teaches Kansas high school students about the critical role that public water utilities fill in their community. This unique, hands-on learning program allows students to see first-hand the skills, technology, and people that are working to ensure the public has access to safe, healthy drinking water and water recycling resources.

This educational program, designed by WSU Environmental Finance Center as part of the Careers in Water Stewardship project, aims to increase young people's knowledge of the importance of water treatment for the environment and public health, and to stimulate interest in occupations in environmental water management.

A Local Utility Perspective on the Work in Water Program

Hear from City of Ottawa Water Reclamation Facility Superintendent, Dan Riney, about his experience conducting the Work in Water program and hosting interns from Ottawa High School:

Attend a Work in Water Training Session

Interested in learning how to connect with students and citizens in your community by educating them about the public water industry? Attend WSU's Work in Water training session to learn tips and best practices for engaging with schools, students, high school career advisors and community members to educate about public water while bolstering efforts to boost the water workforce.

Upcoming Work in Water Trainings

  • Work in Water Nebraska | Auburn, Nebraska
    Wed. Dec. 4, 2019 | Auburn City Hall Council Chambers | 1101 J Street | Auburn, NE
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Water Careers Start Here!

What is a water operator?

Water operators provide one of the most important services in a community: delivering safe water to every person.
Water operators are the backbone of any community. Without water operators, there would be no safe water to drink, shower, wash, cook, flush or swim in. Life as you know it would stop. Do you have the time and strength to walk to the nearest stream to get all 88 gallons (734 pounds) of water you use everyday? Luckily, you don't have to because there is a water operator at work in your community! Read Our Job Profile of a Water & Wastewater Operator

Jobs in Kansas

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League of Kansas Municipalities Career Center

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Jobs outside of Kansas

American Water Works Association Career Center

Water & Environment Federation Jobs

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