Trainings for Public Utilities and Communities

The WSU Environmental Finance Center offers a variety of workshops and trainings for public utility and municipal finance staff, as well as elected officials and city council/board members. In person events are currently postponed, but we offer webinars for small water systems that you may view online anytime.
Municipal Utility Management (MUM)
Are you looking to improve your utility’s management capacity while learning new professional skills to advance your career? Consider enrolling in the Municipal Utilities Management (MUM) program! Advance your knowledge and skills in the MUM program brought to you through a partnership with Kansas Municipal Utilities and Wichita State University Environmental Finance Center. MUM provides an interactive learning experience taught by a variety of local experts and professionals in the field. Participants complete six daylong sessions over six months, that explore the following core utility management topics: Utilities 101, communication, organizational management, utility accounting & finance, utility planning and project management. 

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(Enrollment for MUM begins each year in early fall.)

Asset Management for Small Water Systems

In the current climate of increasing regulations, decreasing revenues, and aging and decaying infrastructure, an asset management approach is vital. This workshop will provide you with tools to begin the process and understand the benefits. Asset Management helps you solve problems that are important to you and your operations. For example, you may be experiencing problems related to unknown locations of meters, valves or hydrants. You may not be sure of the best asset to replace given your limited funds. Asset Management helps you make decisions about how to operate, maintain, repair, rehabilitate, and replace utility assets and maintain a desired level of service at a sustainable cost.

This workshop is geared toward public works directors, water utility managers, operators and maintenance staff, and financial staff. Operators may receive CEU's for attending.


Kansas Asset Management Users Group Meetings (KS AMUG)

Kansas Asset Management Users Group is a group of water and wastewater professionals from across the state that are looking to further explore the implementation of asset management concepts through networking with other systems and content experts.

Anyone with an interest in professional development for Kansas public utility professionals is welcome to attend our fall and spring meetings, which are hosted by different Kansas utilities each meeting. There is no cost to participate. Water professionals and consultants from Kansas border states are welcome to attend too!

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Utility Rates & Financial Planning

The Kansas Department of Health Environment (KDHE) Capacity Development Program, in partnership with Wichita State Environmental Finance Center (EFC ), Ranson Financial and Kansas Municipal Utilities (KMU), encourages representatives from your utility to attend an upcoming rate setting and financial planning training. The session provides participants with an understanding on major considerations when setting rates; rate structure options and pricing objectives; financial planning considerations; and strategies for communicating rate information to your board and community. The training will provide classroom instruction as well as interactive participant exercises and discussion.

Training is approved for 1 CMC Experience or 1 MMC Advanced Education point for city clerks.


Capital Improvement Planning for Utilities & Communities

How should you plan for major upgrades? How do you pay for capital improvement expenses? Which projects should be prioritized? What information is needed to make capital improvement project decisions? How should you present CIP information to boards? Learn answers to these questions and more at the Capital Improvement Planning Workshop for Utilities and Communities.

Kansas Water Rate Check Up Workshop

The Rate Checkup program is a free on-line tool that was developed to assist small Kansas public water supply systems with the process of reviewing water rates. This tool was made available and developed through funding from KDHE and additional technical assistance is available and provided by Ranson through a technical assistance contract with KDHE.

This training will provide classroom instruction as well as interactive use of the RateCheckup tool. The session provides participants with a basic understanding of the on-line tool’s functionality and usability. Participants will be able to work through the on-line registration process, input of historical data, forecasting of revenues and expenses, capital improvement projection functions, building up reserves, and multiple scenario analysis. For better discussion opportunities, it is recommended that a participant has attended a Rates & Financial Planning Workshop prior to attending a Kansas Water Rate Checkup Tool Workshop, but is not a requirement.


Utility Management for Elected Officials & Board Members

Water is a business! City Council and rural water district boards have a lot to consider: water pressure, meeting all federal and state regulations and standards, and making rates affordable. In fact, their job is making the right choices about complex managerial, financial, and technical aspects of running a high quality water utility. Yes, it takes time to keep up on the laws, regulations, and rules. However, as a board/council member, you are personally responsible. Water is the foundation of your community’s jobs and future.

Workforce Development and People Management for Small Water Systems

All water utilities, especially small systems, are struggling to recruit and retain experienced staff. What is going to happen when your system’s long-term operator or manager retires? Who knows all that they know? This workshop will focus on succession planning, operator recruitment and staff retention strategies. This class discusses the links between workforce development, system sustainability, and long-term planning and communication with decision-makers.


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