What is Drinking Water Week?

For more than 40 years the American Water Works Association and its members have celebrated Drinking Water Week – a unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to join together in recognizing the vital role water plays in our daily lives. The 2019 celebration will take place May 5-11.

Celebrate on Social Media

Celebrate Drinking Water Week by sharing with messages that educucate customers and promote your utility. Let us inspire you with sample messages and social media graphics for each day of the week that you may share on your social media page!

Sample Messages and Images

Day 1 | Clean Water is Hard Work
"Public water never takes a day off! Your water utility professionals work around the clock, 24-7-365, to make sure your homes, schools, hospitals and businesses have safe, reliable water."
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Day 2 | Wasted Water = Wasted Money
"It takes energy, time, and money to take water from the source and treat it so that it is safe for your family to drink. Don’t waste water – fix leaks in your home! Even a tiny drop per second can add up to five gallons of water a day!" Download image

Day 3 | Water Infrastructure Ages
"Just like your car needs maintenance, so does your water utility. The infrastructure that treats and delivers clean water to your home every day needs to be maintained, aging equipment needs to be replaced, and new technology installed as better methods are developed. Support your utility’s maintenance and upgrades so that they can keep your water flowing." Download image

Day 4 | Protect the Source
"The source of your water is a lake, river or groundwater. All are susceptible to pollution. Protect your source water by applying lawn chemicals according to instructions, don’t litter, and dispose of pet waste." Download image

Day 5 | Stop Buying the Bottles
"Drinking tap water can put money in your pocket. You could save an average of $300+ per year by drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Plus, did you know that most bottled water is just tap water in a plastic bottle? What could you spend an extra $300 on?" Download image

Day 6 | Clean Water for Pennies
"Water is a great value! Did you know that two gallons of water costs approximately 1 penny?"
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Day 7 | Water's Worth It!
"Safe, clean, water is not free – it takes energy, staff, equipment, lab tests and more. Clean water is conveniently delivered to our homes via pipes in the ground, and is available for us to use any day, any time. We no longer have to carry water from the nearest river or well like our ancestors did. Water’s worth it!" Download image


Contact: Tonya Bronleewe, Program Manager, WSU Environmental Finance Center & KsAWWA Public Relations Committee Chair, (316) 978-6638, tonya.bronleewe@wichita.edu