Daowei Ma, Professor

Several Complex Variables, Geometric Analysis; PhD, Washington University, 1990




Daowei Ma's research interests lie in the areas of complex analysis of several variables. He is working on problems related to automorphism groups, determining sets for automorphisms and endomorphisms, and Grauert tubes. The automorphism group of a complex manifold is the group of bijective holomorphic self maps of the manifold. A subset S of a complex manifold M is said to be a determining set for automorphisms (resp. endomorphisms) if each automorphism (resp. endomorphism) of M fixing each point of S must be the identity map. A Grauert tube for a real analytic Riemannian manifold is a tubular neighborhood of the manifold in its tangent bundle equipped with a certain canonical complex structure.

PhD Students

Juan Chen (Current)

Zhihui Nie (Current)

Xin Wei (Current)

Selected Publications

  • Fridman, B., Ma, D., Osgood-Hortogs type properties of power series and smooth functions, Pacific J. Math., 251 (2011), 67-79.
  • Fridman, B., Ma, D., Properties of fixed point sets and a characterization of the ball in Cn, Proc. AMS, 135(2007), 229-236.
  • Fridman, B., Vigue, J.P., Ma, D., Fixed points and determining sets for holomorphic self-maps of a hyperbolic manifold, Mich. Math, J., 55(2007), 229-239.
  • Fridman, B., Vigue, J.P., Ma, D., Isolated fixed point sets for holomorphic maps, J. Math. Pures Appl., 86(2006), 80-87.
  • Huang, Y., Chen, G., Ma, D., Rapid fluctuations of chaotic maps on Rn, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 323(2006), 228-252.
  • Fridman, B., Poletsky, E.A., Ma, D., Upper semicontinuity of the dimensions of automorphisms groups of domains in Cn, Amer. J. Math., 125 (2003), 289-299.
  • Kim, K.T., Ma, D., Characterization of the Hibert ball by its automorphism, J. Korean Math. Soc., 40(2003), 503-516.
  • Kan, S.J., Ma, D., On rigidity of Grauert tubes over Riemannian manifolds of constant curvature, Math. Z., 239 (2002), 353-363.