Information for Spanish Native Speakers

At least 124 hours are required for graduation, and students must earn a 2.0 overall GPA, a 2.0 WSU GPA, and a 3.0 GPA in the major. Students must also complete all courses required for Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education.

Consult the Spanish Department BEFORE enrolling in any class to determine your classification. Native speakers are students who received education at the high school level in a Spanish-speaking country. Heritage speakers are those who did not attend high school in a Spanish-speaking country.

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This checklist is for native speakers only.

Native speakers are not normally permitted to receive credit for 100- and 200-level courses or for conversation courses 325 and 525. Heritage speakers (i.e. native speakers who have not attended high school in a Spanish-speaking country) should consult the regular checklist.

Requirements for a Minor :
12 hours of upper-division credit, chosen from any of the classes mentioned

Requirements for a Major:
18 hours minimum, including:

  1. SPAN 300 Intermediate Spanish Reading (2)
    (Gateway class for all 500+ literature & civilization classes)
  2. one choice of the following three classes:
    SPAN 526 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition (3)
    SPAN 635 Introduction to Romance Linguistics (3)
    MCLL 351 Linguistics and Foreign Language (3)
  3. 12 elective hours chosen from literature, language and civilization classes.

Course Related Info

Click here to see the complete Spanish course list.

The following classes are taught annually or every two years:

SPAN 505 Spanish Phonetics (3)
SPAN 525 Advanced Spanish Conversation (3)
SPAN 610 Survey of Medieval and Premodern Spanish Literature (3)
SPAN 611 Survey of Modern Spanish Literature (3)
SPAN 620 Survey of Latin-American Literature (3)
SPAN 621 Survey of Contemporary Latin-American Literature (3)
SPAN 623 Special Studies (1-5)**
SPAN 626 Spanish Civilization (3)
SPAN 627 Latin-American Civilization (3)

**repeatable for credit

Additional elective classes at the 500+ level are offered every semester on a rotational basis. See our course list for descriptions of these classes and consult the Registrar's schedule of courses or speak with an advisor to find out which specific classes are currently being offered.

Complementary courses in linguistics, English, philosophy, history and art history and proficiency in another foreign language are strongly recommended for MCLL majors.


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