Physics Scholarships

Current WSU students interested in any LAS scholarship, including physics, must submit an application online. Instructions are included on the LAS Scholarship page.

Here is a list of the current scholarships that the physics department awards. Each scholarship has individual guidelines  which are listed below.

The deadline for scholarship applications is February 1 for scholarships starting the following academic year. A student does not indicate what scholarship they want, but only submit a blanket application. By applying through the LAS Dean's office you will be considered for many LAS scholarships. Every physics student should apply. If you are majoring in physics and minoring/majoring in math, you may qualify for awards specific to mathematics students. More information can be found at Mathematics Scholarships 

For questions please contact the Physics Scholarship Coordinator, Dr. Terrance Figy [email] at 978-5565 or the LAS Scholarship Coordinator, Debbie Neil, at 978-6656.

2019/2020 Awardees 

Ryan Pastor, Rebecka Brown, Christopher Wright, Jerrod Horsch