Delegate Handbook

This document contains information on how to prepare for the conference as well as the rules and procedures to be used at the conference.  




Examples of Rules and Prodedures

Giving an Opening Speech

You want to be prepared to share you country's perspective on each topic area with the other delegates so they know what actions you would like the organization to take to address the issues.


How to make a motion

In order to proposal actions at the conference, you need to make formal motions calling for particular actions.  These might include suspending the meeting, moving a draft resolution to the floor, or closing debate, among others.

Motion to suspend the meeting

Make this motion when you want to discuss your topic in a less formal caucus session.

Closing Debate and Voting Procedure

Don't make a motion to close debate until you are ready to end your discussions and resolution writing.  You will go directly to voting procedure if the group votes to close debate.