Rhonda K. Lewis, Ph.D.


Title: Professor of Psychology, Department Chair

Lab: Behavioral Community Research & Action Team

Wichita State University, B.A., 1991
University of Kansas, M.A., 1993
University of KS Medical Center, M.P.H., 1996
University of Kansas, Ph.D. 1996

Current Instructor: Introduction to Community Psychology, Psychology of Health and Illness, Leadership Development, Seminar in Prevention, Community Practicum

Research Interests: Adolescent Health and Development, Reducing Health Disparities, Community Development, Program Evaluation


Phone: (316) 978-3695

Office: Jabara Hall Rm 437C

My current research interests are to examine the personal and environmental factors that affect health and development. I am particularly interested in examining the effects of preventive interventions conducted in communities, adolescent pregnancy and the health behaviors of African Americans.

Behavioral Community Research and Action Team: This research team focuses on research and evaluation by collaborating with community-based agencies and organizations to reduce health disparities. Our research team also focuses on adolescent health and development, reducing health disparities and conducing community participatory research. Current Projects Include: Transitions Project, A Focus on Positive Youth Development, Healthy Choices Project. Projects students are working on include: Educational Aspirations, Racial Identity and Emerging Adults, Evaluating a Role Model Program for African American males, and Assessing Empowerment through a Library Program in Nicaragua.

Selected Publications:

  1. Kirk, C. Lewis, R. K., Brown, K., Scott, A., Karibo, B, & Park, E. (in press). The Empowering Schools Project: Identifying the Classroom and School Characteristics that Lead to Student Empowerment. Youth and Society. (PDF)
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  3. Kirk, C., Lewis, R.K. (2015). Sense of Community on an Urban Commuter Campus: Implications for College Retention and Student Development. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 20, 45-60.
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