Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship and Fellowship Requirements

Below is a list of the scholarships and fellowships awarded by our college, grouped by the awarding department or committee. Minimum requirements are linked for each fund.

Questions may be directed to las.scholarships@wichita.edu


Donna and Jack Bender Anthropology Fellowship
Dr. Robert F. and Judith Malone Scholarship for Anthropology
Ellenz Scholarship in Antrhopology
Friends of Anthropology Endowed Fellowship
Jerry Martin Fellowship in Museum Studies
Marvin Munsell Fellowship in Anthropology


Biological Science Scholarship
Charles and Nina Kirby Jones Scholarship in Biochemistry
Clinton C McDonald Scholarship
Claud L. Sheats, Jr. Environmental Science Endowed Fellowship
Cunningham-Lee Scholarship in Bioscience
Darren L. Francisco Scholarship
Dr. Betty M. Drees & William E. Drees Scholarship in Biosciences
F. C. Sauer Zoology Scholarship
Hazel Branch Endowed Scholarship
James P. Harris & Patricia Wyatt-Harris Endowed Scholarship
Kevin M. Anderson Fellowship


Alan & Sharon Fearey Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
B. Lloyd & Eleanor B. Parker Endowed Grad Fellowship in Chemistry
Charles and Nina Kirby Jones Scholarship in Biochemistry
Charles M. Buess Chemistry/Business Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Robert V. Christian & Dr. Robert V. Christina, Jr. Scholarship
Dr. Erach Talaty Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry
Erach R. Talaty Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
Fletcher-Mckinley Endowed Scholarship
Frank Clifford Malone Research Scholarship
Gene Zaid Graduate Fellowship In Chemistry
Jerry B. Cohlmia Fellowship in Chemistry
Jerry Cohlmia LAS/Chemistry Scholarship
Onah and Jack Steele Graduate Fellowship and or Assistantship in Chemistry
The E. W. "Pete" Armstrong Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
W. Mack Barlow Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry

Elliott School of Communication

Betty Elliott Endowed Scholarship
Charles & Nina Kirby Jones Scholarship in Speech Communication
Charles G. Pearson Scholarship in Journalism
Don and Lynn Kincheloe-Stephan Endowed Grad Fellowship in Integrated Marketing Communications
Gary Bender Scholarship in Broadcast Communications
Gifford M. Booth, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Grace Howell Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
Jean and John Kniseley Scholarship
Jeremy Hubbard & Taunia Hottman Scholarship in Communications
Lawrence A. (Larry) Wallace Endowed Scholarship in the Elliott School of Communication
Leslie Blake Scholarship for Applied Communication Strategies
Lois Carpenter Foreman Endowed Scholarship
Oliver Elliott School of Communication Scholarship
Peggy Bowman Scholarship
Quincalee Brown Endowed Debate Scholarship
Rachel A. Fletcher Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Integrated Marketing
Richard G. Webster Endowed Scholarship
Ruth and C. Henry Nathan Endowed Scholarship in the Elliott School of Communication
Sam C. Hutchinson Endowed Scholarship
Steve Steffy Memorial Scholarship
Vernon Keel Founders Award (Scholarship)
Victor Murdock Scholarship in Journalism
William M. and Almetta M. Glenn Endowed Scholarship
William M. Glenn Endowed Scholarship


Anna Kathleen Walsh English Scholarship
Bruce Cutler Fellowship
Flora C. Clough Scholarship
Gordon Parks Fellowship
Harold and Eva Weimer Grafton Scholarship
Henry & Marjorie Malone Endowed Memorial Scholarship
John L. & Carrie L. Halfman Scholarship
Laura McMullen Cross Scholarship
Luella Bosworth Scholarship (In honor of the class of 1902)
Marguerite Bliss & Isabel Ford Scholarship
Mary Haymaker Scholarship
Professor Anthony Gythiel English Literature Scholarship
Stephen C. Barr Endowed Fellowship in Creative Writing
T. Reese Marsh Endowed Scholarship

General College

Anita & Larry Jones Endowed Scholarship in LAS
Anna Elizabeth Walsh Humanities Scholarship
Barbara R. Sobernheim Scholarship/Fellowship
Bonavia Foundation Scholarship for the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Carolyn M. and Paul B. Harrison Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship
Charlaine and Lynette Furley Scholarship
D. Wayne Coulson Scholarship
Earl and Alice McCaslin Endowed Scholarship
Elaine O. Mann Endowed Scholarship in LAS
Engber-Pfeiffer Humanities Scholar Fund
Eugene G. Coombs Endowed Scholarship in LAS
Fleeson, Gooing, Coulson, & Kitch, LLC. Endowed Scholarship
Geraldine Hammond Scholarship/Fellowship
Henry and Gerry Allbritten Pronko Scholarship
Herman-Fellers Scholarship
Jack R and Barbara J. Worden Scholarship in LAS
Jill Smith Frasco Endowment
Johanna L. Loper Scholarship in Natural Sciences
Josephine A. Stabler Endowed Scholarship
Kay and John Morse Endowed Scholarship in LAS
LAS General Scholarship Fund
Li'l Egie Endowed Scholarship
Mack W. and Grace M. Worden Scholarship
Nicolasa S. Jimenez Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Ann Syal Scholarship
Ralph M. and Claudia M. Jimenez Memorial Scholarship
Richard P. Dodge Physical Sciences Scholarship
Ronald L. Jones Scholarship in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Rosalee and Alvin Sarachek Award for Scholarly Excellence in the Natural Sciences
Sid L. and Madeline L. Raile Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship
Sondra Van Meter McCoy Scholarship for Liberal Arts Students
Travel Seminar Current Fund
Vera and Skip Skelton Endowed Scholarship in LAS
Virginia "Gingy" Buck LAS Unrestricted Scholarship
War O. & Agnes Brooks Scholarship
Wayne and Frances Powers Brinegar Endowed Scholarship


Al Reid Endowed Fellowship
Arthur W. Gibson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Charles R. Mayfield Scholarship
Claud L. Sheats, Jr. Environmental Science Endowed Fellowship
Daniel F. Merriam Fellowship
Diana Scott Scholarship/Fellowship
Donald A. Phillips Award for Excellence in Mineralogy
Donald L. Hellar and Gwendolyn I. Hellar Endowed Geology Scholarship
E. K. Edmiston Endowed Scholarship in Geology
Harold & Thelma Steincamp Scholarship/Fellowship
J. Robert Berg Scholarship for Geology
James and Mary Tasheff Endowed Scholarship in Geology
John H. Sr. and Mary B. Tatlock Scholarship/Fellowship
Larry D. Ricks Scholarship
Lee H. Cornell Scholarship/Fellowship
The Paul and Ruth Tasch Endowment (Scholarship)
Walter A. Ver Wiebe Scholarship/Fellowship
Wichita Gem and Mineral Society Scholarship


Anthony and Dana Gythiel Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship in History
Donna and Bill Ard Endowed Scholarship
Douglas Bendell Award in Undergraduate Research and Writing
Dr. Henry & Minnie Onsgard Scholarship
John Edward "Jed" Hurley, Jr. Scholarship
John Rydjord Graduate Award (Fellowship)
Lee and Helen Kamen Scholarship in History
Marie Graham Memorial Scholarship
Russell "Jiggs" Nelson Endowed Scholarship
Virginia Mae Gardner Scholarship

Hugo Wall School

Donna Urbom-McClure Fellowship
George Pyle Endowed Fellowship Fund
George Van Riper Fellowships in Public Finance
Hugo Wall Fellowship
Mike Hill Fellowship

Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies

Joan Beren Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Fellowship


Alan R. Elcrat "Attack the Blackboard" Memorial Fellowship
Alan Yeary Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics
Arthur J Hoare Scholarship/Fellowship
Bill and Patricia Chamberlain Mathematics Scholarship
Dr. Amy C. King Endowed Scholarship
Evan J & L Darlene Fearey Endowed Mathematics Fellowship
Harry E., Bob A., and Helen M. Christopher Scholarship
Jeneva Brewer Scholarship in Mathematics and Statistics
John and Kay Morse Endowed Graduate Fellowship
John F. and Mabel E. Patterson Scholarship
Josephine B. And Justus H. Fugate Endowed Mathematics Scholarship
Kenneth G. Miller Scholarship/Fellowship Fund for Mathematics
Kirk P. Postier Endowed Mathematics Scholarship
Marjorie McMahon Scholarship
Pat and Norm Eston Endowed Scholarship
Pi Mu Epsilon Scholarship
Wayne Pfeiffer Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics
William and Kathleen Glasco Mathematics Scholarship

Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Charles L. Brungardt Endowed Scholarship
Cress-Rennert Endowed Scholarship in German Studies
Eugene Savaiano Scholarship in Romance Languages
Harold & Dorothy Froning Scholarship
Joseph E. and Betty Adams Angulo Endowed Scholarship

MCLL Study Abroad

Angelika R. Howard Memorial Fellowship for Conversational Languages
Dr. Dorothy Froning Academic Travel Award
Lillian A. Wall Endowed Scholarship in MCLL
Lynn W. Winget Puebla Scholarship
Robert V. Christian, Jr. Puebla Scholarship/Fellowship
Special Scholarship for the Puebla Summer Program


Craig Macy Endowed Scholarship in Philosophy
Philosophy Department Lecture Series and Scholarship Fund
Wichita State University Scholarship in the History of Philosophy


Douglas A. Knight Memorial Scholarship
Hall-Schneider Family Physics Fund
Jean and Henry Unruh, Jr. Scholarship
Loper Family Scholarship/Fellowship
Nelson S. Ladd Physics Scholarship
Ralph Shenk and Family Endowed Scholarship
Timothy T. Scrivner & Jeanne E. Scrivner Endowed Scholarship

Political Sciences

D. J. and Terry Scanlon Political Science Scholarship
Donna L. Shank Political Science Scholarship
Dr. John E. Stanga Scholarship in American Politics
Joan Hargrove Scholarship in Political Science
John Millett-John Young Mentor Student Award
John W. & Connie O. McGuire Model UN Scholarship
Kathlien R. Edmiston Scholarship in Political Science
Ken Ciboski Scholarship in Political Science
Lee and Helen Kamen Scholarship in Political Science
Melvin A. Kahn & H. Joan Gleeson Kahn American Politics Scholarship
Mike Gatewood Scholarship
R. Wesley McCarty Scholarship
Robert N. & Priscilla Partridge Political Science Scholarship
Sara Hyde Corbin Memorial Scholarship in Political Science
Thomas P. & Ella N. Wolf Scholarship in Political Science


Dr. John L. Evans Premedical Tuition Endowed Scholarship
George J. & S. Jim Farha Pre-Med Student Endowed Scholarship
Harold G. and Ruby Van Noy Scholarship Fund
John G. & Barbara McCune Scholarship in LAS


Dr. Jackson O. and Jane Powell Memorial Fellowship
Fellowship in Memory of Dr. Randall M. Chambers
George A. Lewis Memorial Fund (Fellowship)
Grant Y. Kenyon Endowed Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Jack Glimpse Endowed Scholarship
Mary Wittenbach Memorial Book Scholarship
Rowena Irani Psychology Scholarship
Thelma J. & C. Robert Borresen Endowed Scholarship in Psychology

School of Criminal Justice

Brandy M. Long Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Conroy G. O'Brien Scholarship
Detective Terry Wayne McNett Scholarship
Donald R. Harbour Memorial Scholarship
Dwight F. Williams Criminal Justice Scholarship
William O. Long Endowed Scholarship

School of Social Work

Anne Marie Underhill Endowed Scholarship in Social Work
Carolyn Risley Hill Fund for the School of Social Work
Edward H. Tuttle Endowed Fellowship in Social Work
Edward H. Tuttle Endowed Scholarship in Social Work
Karen Countryman-Roswurm Endowed Fellowship in Social Work
Military Veterans Scholarship/Fellowship in Social Work
Naomi Anderson Endowed Social Work Fellowship
Taunya Rutenbeck Fund for Social Work in Honor of Larry Rutenbeck
Vera Hutton Seamans Memorial Fellowship


John J. Hartman Endowed Sociology Scholarship
Ron Matson Sociology Graduate Fellowship

Women's Studies

Forum for Executive Women Endowed Scholarship
Kathleen & John Van Saun Scholarship
Martin Luther King, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Plaza of Heriones Endowed Fund
Shelley Skillman Minority Studies Scholarship
Tammy Daley Walston & Gary Walston Endowed Scholarship for Women's Studies

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Wichita State University does not discriminate in its employment practices, educational programs or activities on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or status as a veteran. Retaliation against an individual filing or cooperating in a complaint process is also prohibited. Sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking are forms of sex discrimination and are prohibited under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. Complaints or concerns related to alleged discrimination may be directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity or the Title IX Coordinator, Wichita State University, 1845 Fairmount, Wichita KS 67260-0138; telephone (316) 978-3187.