The administration is the procedure for the processing of the SPTE to faculty or GTAs who request that their courses be evaluated.

SPTE Request forms are mailed to the departments before mid-semester. They are instructed to give the forms to their current teaching faculty and GTAs.

We only administer SPTEs to those who request it.

While we ask that you plan on the administration of SPTE taking about 20 minutes, it usually takes less time.

The SPTE is administered at the beginning of class.

We will send a confirmation letter notifying you of when your SPTE(s) are to be administered. PLEASE check the information for accuracy.

We hire and supervise all individuals who administer the SPTE. Neither the instructor nor students in the class can administer the SPTE.


All SPTEs are considered confidential. We do, however, use the data for research purposes to keep the instrument as up-to-date as possible.

As to who sees individual SPTEs other than the instructor, different colleges have different policies, so please check with your college/department for that information.

Each course is assigned an ID number. When working with the data, we use only the ID number which only the Director and Associate Director have access.

SPTE proctors are trained to keep the SPTEs confidential and not to read the comments.

Protecting Students:

SPTEs are not returned to the instructor until well after grades have been turned into the registrar. Students are told this at the time of the SPTE administration.

To protect student's anonymity, results are not computed for fewer than four students.