Three forms are now offered to evaluate your course. You may choose between ...

The SPTE (form S) is the traditional form. Majority of you will use this form.

The ESPTE (form E) is for Experiential courses. These are courses that have a “field” or “out of class” component, in which the student is evaluated primarily on skill development and knowledge application. Though each student may be given individual supervision or instruction, several students are enrolled under one CRN and meet as a group periodically throughout the semester. Examples of these courses include but are not limited to practicum, internship and student teaching courses. Currently, we are unable to offer normed results such as those typically provided for SPTE. We are hoping to provide normed results on factor-analytically derived scales as soon as a sufficient number of faculty utilize the instrument.

The OSPTE (form O) is for Online only courses. These courses primarily meet only online. This is not for courses that meet face to face even if they have some online component.