MSW Graduate Plan of Study and Application for Degree/Exit Survey

Without filing the Graduate Plan of Study and the Application for Degree/Exit Survey on time, you may not graduate on time!

  • The Plan of Study establishes the exact courses you must take to complete your degree.
  • The Application for Degree/Exit Survey initiates a degree audit which compares the courses you have taken and are taking to the approved Plan of Study.
  • The Plan of Study and the courses you take must match exactly!
  • If you do not take a course on your Plan of Study because you have changed your mind, the degree audit will flag you as not meeting graduation requirements!
  • You must file a revision to the Plan of Study if you end up taking anything different from what is on your approved Plan of Study.

File a Graduate Plan of Study

Graduate Plan of Study is turned in to School of Social Work, and we forward to Graduate School:

  • No later than the 20th day of your graduating semester (around Feb 13 for spring)
  • Better to file at least a semester early
  • Can be filed your first semester in program

File an Application for Degree

Application for Degree (AFD) with Exit Survey and graduation fee is filed directly with Graduate School:

  • No later than the 20th day of your graduating semester (around Feb 13 for spring)
  • Better to file at least a semester early
    • It initiates a degree audit where problems with your Plan of Study will be discovered in time to be corrected.

Application for Degree/Exit Survey is completed online and available on Graduate School website:

Plan of Study form is available here and on the Graduate School website.

To complete the Plan of Study:

  • Select the correct form for your program from below. Courses have already been added.
  • Fill in your personal information at the top of the first page
  • On the second page enter the semester you plan to take the courses.
  • Enter electives on the blank lines. If your electives are unknown at this time, enter "TBD" (to be determined) as the course name. Once you know what the electives are, you will file a revision.
  • Do not add additional classes over the required hours for your degree. It is always okay to take extra classes, but they should not be listed on the plan of study.

To complete a revision to your plan of study - required if any of the classes on your approved plan need to be changed:

  • Select the Revision to Approved Plan of Study form below.
  • Enter your personal information at the top of the first page.
  • Enter a Completion Code:
    • NSWG -- regular program (no thesis)
    • RSWT -- regular program with thesis
    • NSWA -- advanced standing program (no thesis)
    • ASWT -- advanced standing program with thesis
  • Enter courses to delete from or add to the approved plan on file with Graduate School. In the first column enter "D" to delete or "A" to add a course. For example, your approved plan of study has 6 hours of TBD for electives and you have decided to take SCWK 610V for an elective.

After the form is completed:

  1. Print and sign the form.
  2. Have it signed by your adviser and by the graduate coordinator.
  3. Submit it to the social work office.
  • We will copy it for you and submit the original to Graduate School.

Download Graduate Plan of Study forms:

The forms below have been partially completed for the MSW program. Blank forms are also available on the Graduate School website at

Forms are also available in the School of Social Work office.