A black and photo photo of Kristin Beal

Kristin Beal

Gallery Manager

MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University
BFA, Wichita State University

Kristin Beal is an artist, curator and educator. She studied at the Kansas City Art Institute before receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) from Wichita State University and an Master of Fine Arts (Painting and Printmaking) from Virginia Commonwealth University. She was awarded the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship Award in 2004, a Kansas Innovation Grant in 2010 and a Wichita Arts Council Grant for her participation in Wichita’s River City Biennale. Kristin is a co-founder and COO of Harvester Arts, an artist residency program that brings artists from around the country and networks them with Wichita artists. She is also a founding member of Hack.Art.Lab, a collaborative team of artists, educators and technologists. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has transitioned her practice from that or a solo artist to a community and social practicing artist. Kristin regularly facilitates large-scale, collaborative community art projects. She is currently working on George Ferrandi’s initiative Jump!Star, An NEA Our Town project in partnership with Symphony in The Flint Hills, Harvester Arts, and Chamber Music at the Barn.

kristin.beal@wichita.edu    kristinbeal.wix.com