Suzuki Method:

Dr. Suzuki's unique teaching methods are based on The Mother Tongue Method, Parental
Involvement, and Mastery.

Mother Tongue Method:

Dr. Suzuki's realized that all children learn to speak their mother tongue regardless of their native
language's complexities and nuances. This realization led him to believe in every child's ability to
learn and at a very young age. Current research shows that as early as prenatal development musical ability also develops. By beginning instruction at a young age Suzuki teachers capitalize on a child's natural learning ability.

Parental Involvement:

The term Suzuki Triangle refers to the special relationship that develops between teacher, parent
and child. Each plays an integral role in the development of a successful Suzuki student. Parents are present at all lessons, and continue working with the child at home every day. In addition, the
teacher works with parents to become productive practice partners and help provide a nurturing
environment for their young instrumentalist.


"Knowledge is not a skill, knowledge plus 10,0000 repetitions is a skill." - Dr. Suzuki
Daily practice and listening to the reference recording is the best foundation to lay for your child's
road to mastery. Learning to master anything in life requires persistence! Your child is not only
learning how to play an instrument, but valuable life lessons - mastery of a skill, publicly presenting themselves, and delayed gratification. Watch as your child gains confidence and great enjoyment from doing something well.