Instrumental/Vocal Music Lessons

Vocal Instruction
Basic vocal techniques for the beginner, ages 14 and up; advanced vocal technique for the experienced singer. Breath, tone, resonance, and style will be covered. Prepare your vocal solo for church, contest, or audition.

Wind Instruction
Individual or small group instruction for beginning or advanced students. Appropriate for students who do not have the opportunity to begin instrumental music in their school, or for students who wish to enhance their musicianship with improved technique, tone, and study of basic literature.

Percussion Instruction
Individual instruction for beginning or advancing students. Appropriate for students who wish to enhance their musicianship, technique, and sound. Mallets, snare drum, timpani, drum set, and latin percussion will be explored.

Guitar Instruction
Instruction for students playing acoustic and/or electric guitar. Playing technique will be developed through mastery of scales, chords, tuning, rhythm and note reading.

String Instrument Instruction
Individual lessons stress development of string technique and orchestral playing skills. Appropriate for beginning students who demonstrate readiness and do not have the opportunity to begin string playing in the public schools or for advancing students who wish to enhance their musical development.

Course Information for the above instruction classes

Private, arranged lessons in vocal, wind, percussion, and string instruments. Vocal students must be ages 14 and up. Lessons will focus on enhancing musicianship, technique, and sound.
Course Length:
12 weeks, Aug. 27th - Nov. 18th, 2018 (no classes September 3rd; October 13th - 16th)

Time: 30-minute lesson to be arranged with assigned teacher
Location: Shocker Studios
Fee: $240 payable by first class
Instructor: CFAI Faculty