The School of Music, in cooperation with Performance Facilities, is happy to work with you towards completion of your degree recital. The following is a checklist of items to help ensure a successful completion of your degree recital.

  1. Have your applied teacher email Jan Ives, School of Music Advisor, at granting permission to enroll in the appropriate degree recital.
    1. Performance Facilities will be provided a list of students enrolled for degree recitals. Students not showing enrollment in the appropriate degree recital will not be allowed to schedule a recital.
  2. Confirm with your applied teacher possible dates for your recital and discuss with committee members.
  3. Please confirm with your accompanist the date and time scheduled for your recital will work for them, and then have them initial the form.
  4. Meet with Performance Facilities to schedule a recital date and dress rehearsal. The Performance Facilities Business Office is located in DFAC, Room C131 or 316-978-3587.  Complete this form and take it to your meeting.
    1. Junior and Senior degree recital times are every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in Wiedemann Recital Hall or Miller Concert Hall and Friday from 1:30-2:20 p.m. in Miller Concert Hall.
      1. The School of Music will pay the labor and facility costs of a degree recital performed at these times.
      2. Any undergraduate student scheduling a Junior or Senior degree recital in the evening or on a weekend will be assessed a $150.00 fee.
    2. A Graduate degree recital may be scheduled outside of these designated times based upon hall availability and as long as it is within the policies of the School of Music.
      1. The School of Music will pay the labor and facility costs of the degree recital.
  5. Degree Recital Rehearsals
    1. Students are allowed up to four (4) hours of rehearsal time, if the hall is available. It is suggested that the rehearsals be split into two hour blocks of time if all four hours requested.
    2. Only one rehearsal designated as a dress rehearsal will be staffed by stage personnel.
    3. Any other rehearsals will require your faculty sponsor to check out a key from Performance Facilities and be present during these rehearsals.
  6. Complete the Technical Worksheet in full, which you will receive when scheduling your recital.
    1. This form must be returned to Performance Facilities no later than three (3) weeks prior to your dress rehearsal. Failure to return this form by due date could put your recital at risk of being cancelled.
    2. If you elect to have an audio recording of your recital made by a Performance Facilities professional, you are responsible for payment of the recording charge of $85.00 plus tax ($75.00 plus tax if paid one week before the recital). Costs will include all recording labor, fees, and one Master CD. Additional copies may be ordered at the cost of a standard CD copy. Recordings will not be released until payment has been made.
      1. If you would like a video recording, please contact the MRC.
  7. Rescheduling
    1. If you must reschedule your recital, you may do so one time without incurring an Administrative Fee of $50.00. Subsequently, the $50.00 fee will be assessed for each schedule change. This fee is payable by the student, prior to the final recital date. This fee will not be assessed for dress rehearsals, but rescheduling rehearsals is strongly discouraged.
  8. Cancellations
    1. Performance Facilities must be advised of a recital cancellation no later than one week prior to the scheduled dress rehearsal. Failure to do so will result in a Cancellation Fee of $75.00 billed directly to the student.
  9. Programs
    1. Students are responsible for preparing and printing their own programs. Please have them in the Music office three days before the dress rehearsal.
      1. Recital program templates are available on the School of Music website.
  10. If you require use of a Piano or Harpsichord, you must contact Anne Marie Brown, who will coordinate the details with the Piano Technician.
  11. If you wish to use the Grand Marcussen Organ, you must be given permission from Lynne Davis, organ professor, at 316-978-6218 or This is to ensure the safety and security of the instrument.