The mission of the Wichita State University School of Music is to propel the future of the arts by inspiring and equipping students to attain their full artistic and intellectual potential while engaging diverse communities.

Why Music?

To study the humanities is to study humans. Every time we learn a piece of music, we're trying on a new worldview--gaining understanding of the shifting needs, anxieties, and interests of its authors and listeners. Which is what makes studying music so critical. It gives students rigorous and tangible frameworks for evaluating the health of a community and the skills, discipline, and cooperation to serve it.

Why WSU?

Simply put, we believe WSU has the best music program in the state of Kansas. Our faculty are known around the world as performers, educators, composers, and conductors. Our alumni have gone on to great success in a variety of careers. Our tuition is the lowest of the three regents universities, and we are the only one located in a major metropolitan area. We provide you with a world-class faculty and world-class experiences at a price that can't be beat.