The Master of Music Education (MME) degree with a concentration in voice (G16H) requires the completion of a minimum of 32-36 graduate hours.  A minimum of 10 hours of MUSE courses is required.

Core Requirements (15 Credits)
MUSC 830 Seminar in Music Theory - 3 Credits
MUSE 853 Research Design and Methods - 3 Credits
MUSE 855 Psychology of Music Education- 3 Credits
MUSE 871 History and Philosophy of Music Education - 3 Credits
Choose one of the following courses
MUSC 891 Seminar in Music History pre-1750 (repeatable) - 3 Credits
MUSC 892 Seminar in Music History post-1750 (repeatable) - 3 Credits

Field Specialty (6-7 Credits)
MUSP 625 Voice Pedagogy - 2 Credits
MUSP 725 Voice Pedagogy - 2 Credits
MUSC 623 Opera Literature - 3 Credits
MUSC 624 Oratorio and Cantata Literature - 2 Credits
MUSC 726 Voice Literature - 3 Credits

Electives (9-8 Credits)
See Graduate Catalog and On-line schedule for more options.  Other courses are selected in consultation with the advisor and with the area director's approval.  Candidates may apply up to four (4) hours of workshops, up to two (2) hours of ensemble credits and up to five (5) hours of applied lessons in their performance major.  Up to ten (10) hours of Kodaly coursework my be used as electives.  Options listed here.
  A minimum of 4 hours must be from MUSE 500+ courses.

Applied Lessons Options (may apply up to 5 hours of applied lesson credits)
MUSA 732_ Applied Music Instruction (repeatable) - 2 Credits
MUSA 734_ Applied Music Instruction (repeatable) - 4 credits

Ensemble Options (may apply up to 2 hours of ensemble credits)
MUSP710_; MUSP711_; MUSP 712_; MUSP 713_; MUSP 714_
(A) Orchestra; (B) Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band; (D) Women's Glee Club; (E) Opera Lab; (F) A Cappella Choir, Concert Chorale; (J) Piano Accompaniment;      (K) Opera Theater; (L) Madrigal Singers;  (M) Jazz Combo; (N) Woodwind Ensemble; (O) Saxophone Quartet; (P) Brass Chamber Ensemble; (R) Percussion Ensemble; (S) String Ensemble and String Chamber Ensemble; (T) Jazz Arts Ensembles I; (V) Guitar Ensemble.  Repeatable for credit.

Workshop Options (may apply up to 4 hours of workshops)
MUSP 530 Musical Theater Workshop - 2 Credits
MUSP 750 Music Performance Workshop - 1-4 Credits
MUSP 750 Music Education Workshop - 1-4 Credits
MUSP 752 Music Workshop - 1-2 Credits

Specialization in Kodaly Options (may apply up to 10 hours of Kodaly coursework)
MUSE 761 and 762 Kodaly Methods and Solfege Level I - 3+2 Credits
MUSE 763 and 764 Kodaly Methods and Solfege Level II - 3+2 Credits
MUSE 765 and 766 Kodaly Methods and Solfege Level III - 3+2 Credits

Terminal Project (2-6 Credits)
Choose one
MUSE 844 Terminal Conducting Project - 2 Credits
MUSE 854 Terminal Project - 3 Credits
MUSP 873 Graduate Recital - 2 Credits
MUSE 875 Thesis Research - 2 Credits and MUSE 876 Thesis - 2 Credits
Extra Hours:  to be selected in consultation with faculty advisor and approved by area director.  (Excludes applied, ensemble, workshops, and special project hours.) - 6 Credits

Total 32-36 Hours