The Master of Music (MM) degree with a concentration in instrumental conducting (G16J) requires the completion of a minimum of 32 graduate hours.  The number of admitted students is restricted.  Admission requires advanced approval of conducting supervisor.

Core Requirements (12 Credits)
MUSC 830 Seminar in Music Theory - 3 Credits
MUSC 852 Introduction to Bibliography and Research - 3 Credits
Six additional credits, choose from the following courses
MUSC 832 Topics in Music Analysis - 3 Credits
MUSC 891 Seminar in Music History pre-1750 (repeatable) - 3 Credits
MUSC 892 Seminar in Music History post-1750 (repeatable) - 3 Credits

Approved Electives (6 Credits)
Music or non-music courses 500 or above; may include applied lessons, ensembles, languages, etc.  Course must be approved by faculty advisor.
  See Graduate Catalog and On-line schedule of courses

Approved Ensembles - Conducting observation laboratories assigned by faculty advisor (4 Credits)
MUSP 710B Wind Ensemble (repeatable) - 1 Credit
MUSC 711A Orchestra (repeatable) - 1 Credit
MUSC 713B Symphonic Band (repeatable) - 1 Credit

Other Requirements (8 Credits)
MUSP 790C Special Topics:  Conducting - 2 Credits
MUSP 790R Special Topics:  Score Analysis - 2 Credits
MUSP 790K Special Topics:  Performance Practicum - 2 Credits
MUSP 790AD Special Topics:  Rehearsal Techniques - 2 Credits

Graduate Conducting Recital (2 Credits)
MUSP 873 Recital (repeatable) - 1 Credit

Total 32 Hours