We are pleased to be able to offer applied lessons on all traditional jazz instruments, we we're currently working on being able offer jazz studies degrees for other instruments and voice.

In addition to working with our applied faculty in private lessons, we have a number of performance opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students. Big bands, combos, and Banda Hispanica (our Latin jazz ensemble) are open to majors and (in some cases) non-majors.

We also feature a number of academic offerings: Jazz Pedagogy, Improvisation, Aural Skills, Theory, Arranging, and History are all available to WSU students.


252J/452J Jazz Guitar (F, S)
252N/452N Jazz Drumkit (F, S)
252P/452P Jazz Piano (F, S)
252R/452R Jazz String Bass (F, S)
252S/452S Jazz Trombone (F, S)
252T/452T Jazz Trumpet (F, S)
252X/452X Jazz Saxophone (F, S)
252Z/452Z Jazz Electric Bass (F, S)
313J Basic Jazz Piano (F, S)


211M/411M/711M Jazz Combo (F, S)
211T/411T/711T Jazz Arts Ensemble I (F, S)
212T/412T/712T Jazz Arts Ensemble II (F, S)
211V/411V/711V Guitar Ensemble (F, S)


120 Jazz Improvisation I (F)
121 Jazz Improvisation II (S)


241 Jazz Aural Skills III (F)
242 Jazz Aural Skills IV (S)
240 Jazz Theory III (F)
243 Jazz Theory IV (S)


345 Jazz Arranging & Conducting (S)
346 Styles of Jazz (F, S)
348A History of Jazz (F)
511 Jazz Pedagogy (F, S)