Certification Program June 2-14, 2019

Kodaly training can be taken as a non-credit option or for graduate credit. Non-credit registration is through the College of Fine Arts Institute. Credit registration is through the WSU graduate school.

Graduate Credit Option:  is a WSU ONLINE registration process and requires admission to the graduate school either as a degree bound or non-degree student. Specific instructions are listed below. We prefer that you are admitted as a degree-bound master's student unless you already have a master of music education degree. Please contact Dr. Steve Oare to help you understand why this may be important to you. You may start the graduate admission process by clicking HERE. If you are already admitted, you may go to the MyWSU portal and add the classes through their CRN numbers. If you have any difficulty, contact us for assistance to clear you.

Non-credit Option The non-credit fee per level is $550. Registration and payment for the non-credit option will be made through the CFAI Marketplace site, click HERE.

Enrollment for Graduate Credit WSU online enrollment for credit begins in April. Graduate credit for 2018 is obtained by enrolling in the appropriate sections (methodology and solfege) and paying the Kodaly fee plus 5 hours of tuition at the workshop rate and the associated student fees. For 2019, those costs are handled through your WSU online enrollment and payment. Tuition and fees for the 5 credit hours will be $2,021.55 (inclusive). If your school district is paying the $550 fee, your cost will be $1471.55. Payment will be online after your enrollment is processed. There is a short-term loan option available through WSU. You may be eligible for financial aid if you are taking additional hours. An additional one-time charge is required for admission to the graduate school or for undergraduate admission. For details on WSU admission HERE. We look forward to working with you.

Supplemental Courses to extend learning for levels graduates are available option for OAKE Certified teachers. (See below)

Summer 2019 Financial Aid Application information

Plan on taking Kodály for credit this summer? The Summer 2019 Financial Aid Application is available for completion. Here’s what you need to do. Enroll in Summer 2019 classes.

  • Complete the Summer Aid Application* in your myWSU student portal, under the myFinances tab, under Financial Aid Links.
  • Find out all about summer courses at Wichita State here.

*Please allow up to three (3) weeks for processing.

For extra help, contact financial aid at: finaid@wichita.edu or call 316-978-3430 
or go to 203 Jardine Hall between 8 a.m.-6 p.m. (M-T), 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (W-F).

Enrollment Instructions
Kodaly Training Level One
Kodály: Methods Level One MUSE 761 (3 credit hours)
Kodály: Solfege Level One MUSE 762 (2 credit hours)

Training video from 2014 prep workshop.

Kodaly Training Level Two
Kodály: Methods Level Two MUSE 763 (3 credit hours)
Kodály: Solfege Level Two MUSE 764 (2 credit hours)

Training video from 2014 workshop.

Training video 2015

Kodaly Training Level Three
Kodály: Methods Level Three MUSE 765 (3 credit hours)
Kodály: Solfege Level Three MUSE 766 (2 credit hours)

Level Three training videos: in three parts. Click on each part separately.

Part 1:           Part 2:          Part 3:

Kodaly Applications for Levels Graduates
This workshop/course is designed for students who have completed their Kodály certification. The course assists students in continual development of their individual musicianship, mentoring, and research skills. Students can work individually or with the "applications group" to do folksong research, hone their musicianship (conducting/solfege) skills, or review methodology with levels instructors. Students will be encouraged to sing in the choir. Applications students also may mentor current students as a means of reviewing their levels materials. Some students may assist with grading levels content. What a great way to review your learning and be mentored by our great faculty members.

Kodaly Applications: MUSE 767 (2 credits) Section CRN # Dr. Oare (Must have completed levels to enroll in this advanced course).

Kodaly Children Choir Observation: MUSE 750 (1 credit) CRN # (Open to anyone).

Please visit the Kodaly Music Educators of Kansas (KMEK)  website for information and updates on KMEK activities.

Contact:  steve.oare@wichita.edu or elaine.bernstorf@wichita.edu for more information.