It is important to maintain contact with your primary music advisor as you choose courses that fulfill general education requirements. All music education majors must take PSYCHOLOGY 111 and STATISTICS: Math 370 to fulfill requirements related to teaching licensure. Other general education courses that will be required include COMM 190 (or another course if advised) to fulfill cultural diversity understanding; CESP 334 or PSYCH 325 (as advised) to understand developmental psychology. Depending on your specific background and your major music emphasis areas, we may recommend other specific courses (such as Physics of Sound: Physics 210) or courses with specific instructors who we know know who have an interest or background in music.

Music education majors should always consult with music education faculty members as well as their applied teachers when developing a plan of study for each semester. We want to assist you as graduation partners.

I. Applied Music - 16 hours

MUSA 232 - 4 semesters (2 hrs each)
MUSA 432 - 3 semesters (2 hrs each)
MUSA 113P-116P (1 hr) or if passed Piano Exam
MUSA 231-431 (1hr)

II. General Music - 27 hours

MUSC 127-129. Theory 1 & Aural Skills 1 (4)
MUSC 128-130. Theory 2 & Aural Skills 2 (4)
MUSC 227-229. Theory 3 & Aural Skills 3 (4)
MUSC 228-230. Theory 4 & Aural Skills 4 (4)

MUSC 113. Intro to Music Literature (3)* counted on General Educationa
MUSC 334. Music History I (3)* counted on General Education
MUSC 335. Music History II (3)

MUSP 307. Instrumental Conducting (2) or MUSP 308. Choral Conducting (2)
MUSC 523. Form & Analysis (2)
MUSC 641. Orchestration (2)
MUSP 651. Advanced Conducting & Score Reading (2) or MUSP 691. Advanced Choral Conducting (2)

III. Ensembles - 9 hours

Harp & Organ Majors
Three (3) different semesters of Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble or Symphony Orchestra plus 4 different semesters of ensemble electives.

Guitar Majors
Five (5) different semesters of Guitar Ensembles plus 2 additional different semesters of Classical Guitar.

Wind & Percussion Majors
Seven (7) different semesters of Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble

String Majors
Seven (7) different semesters of Symphony Orchestra

Vocal Major
Seven (7) different semesters of A Cappella Choir or Concert Chorale plus 2 different semesters of ensemble electives.

Electric Bass Majors
Seven (7) different semesters of appropriate large ensemble

Transfer Students
Enrollment in an ensemble for each semester remaining to complete degree or until all requirements are met at WSU.

IV. Recital

MUSP 105. Recital Attendence - 2 semesters
MUSP 400. Senior Recital - 1 hr

V. Piano Proficiency Examination

Students who have not satisfied all piano proficiency requirements must enroll in class piano until they meet these requirements. All music majors must pass the piano proficiency examination before graduation and BME students must have it completed before the student teaching semester. Students will be advised into the appropriate section of piano class or private piano as needed.


Graduation Requirements

The following program fulfills both the university requirements for graduation and the Kansas licensure requirement and must be taken by all Bachelor of Music Education candidates. In completing the BME program, the student must meet the general education program requirements of the university given in the Academic Information Requirements for Graduation section of the Catalog.