Below you may find information presented at workshops by WSU music faculty. 

WSU Faculty Presentations and Handouts

2015 International Symposium on Assessment in Music Ed:  Williamsburg: Hansen and Bernstorf Assessing Artistic Literacy in Core Music Standards
2015 Southcoast Music Education Research Symposium:  Tampa: Oare, Bernstorf, and Giray Powerpoint: From Common Core to Common Score
2014 ISME (International Society for Music Education):  Brazil, Porto Alegre: Bernstorf, Kobialka, Jones and Jones: Layering Music, Language and Literacy for Inclusion
Additional handouts: Kobialka Listening Template; Bernstorf Differentiation Chart; Bernstorf Differentiation KMR article


NAfME (National Association for Music Education)

2014 Nashville: Bernstorf and Hansen Special Learners Pre-Conference Session Handouts
Music and LIteracy: Adaptations for Special Learners:  Handout, Differentiation Chart, Powerpoint
2014 St. Louis: Bernstorf and Hansen Session
2012 St. Louis: Bernstorf and Oare Powerpoint: Implications of Inclusion: Don't be Outwitted
2012 St. Louis: Oare and Bernstorf: PDAE
Southwest Division NAfME/TMEC:  2011 Dallas: Bernstorf, Hunt and Johnson Poweroint: Tattoos, Timecards, and Technology

KMEA (Kansas Music Educators Association)
2016 KMEA Bernstorf/Hansen Session

2015 KMEA Special Learners Sessions:

  • McGovern, Kaser, Vanausdall, Bernstorf: AAA Session
  • Bernstorf, Jones and Kobialka Session
  • Hedden and Bernstorf Session

2014 KMEA Special Learners Sessions: Scott Iseminger

2014 KMEA Research Poster: Bernstorf and Kobialka

2013 KMEA Board meeting: Bernstorf and Brezinkofer:

2013-2014 Research Session: Ricketts, McKellar, Bernstorf, Ellsworth:

2012 KBA Session: Oare and Bernstorf:

2012 Research Session: Oare and Bernstorf:

OAKE (Organization of American Kodaly Educators)

2018 OAKE National Conference-Oklahoma City, OK, March 22-25, 2018
2017 OAKE National Conference-Philadelphia, PA, March 23-26, 2017

2014 Atlanta: Bernstorf, Oare, Hirsh, Simmelink, Taylor Session: Student Teachers and Kodaly
2012 Phoenix Bernstorf Poster Session: Preschool Music in the US and Kenya
2012 Phoneix Bernstorf Poster Session: Accentuating Literacy
2011 Dallas: Bernstorf and Johnson: Communication Aritistry through Choral Literacy

Past Workshops and Presentations

2017 MKMEA Regional Conference-Kansas City, MO, October 27-29, 2017
2017 USD 259 Inservice-August 16, 2017 Why Music? Handout
2016 ISME Conference: Glasgow, Scotland
2016 Edinbrough Special Learners Pre-Conference: July 20-23, 2016
Bernstorf Session: STOP: Enhancing Executive Functions through Music Learning 
Powerpoint, Handout
Glasgow Sessions: July 25-29
Culp and Bernstorf Session: Deconstructing the Constructs: Speech, Language and Music  Powerpoint, Handout
2015 MKMEA Workshop: Wichita Oct 24-26, 2015:  Bernstorf and Vanausdall Session: Tuning the Eye, Sharpening the Ear  Handout, Powerpoint, Research Article
International Kodaly Symposium: Edinburgh, Scotland:  Bernstorf, Kaser, McGovern and Vanausdall: Music as Therapeutic Education  Handout, Powerpoint, Marion Blank question protocol
2012 Bernstorf: Music and Literacy for Shawnee Mission Kansas School District