Students walking in front of the Student Union.

Our Philosophy


"All children should have the opportunity for musical growth experiences...." This philosophy espoused by Betty Welsbacher, professor emeritus of music and special music education at WSU sums up the philosophy for Music Education at Wichita State University. Our faculty believe that all students can learn when the message is presented at their own level. Since music is nonverbal, it becomes a vitally important medium for all students, including those who have exceptionalities. If a child can understand through music, the concepts of long and short sounds, duration, loud and soft, high and low, pitch, and rhythm patterns, he can transfer that knowledge to other areas. If a child has the experience of moving her body up and down through music, then up and down come to have meaning.

Our music educators strive for a structure which allows for different learning stages through which the child progresses and which allows for various styles of learning. Non-verbal and verbal responses are equally important and lessons in music must be presented so that there is something for every learner in every style at every age in any music medium. Music is our universal language.

Music Education at WSU