Shade Cond Band

Auditioning for Wind Ensemble
and Symphonic Band


Participation in the WSU Wind Ensemble and/or the Symphonic Band is by audition. The audition process is friendly and non-threatening. Auditions generally are for band placement, either Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band, and for part assignments. The goal of the WSU Bands is to include every one and exclude no one. Auditions take place the first week of classes each semester. If you have any questions regarding involvement in the bands at WSU please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Timothy Shade.

Fall 2019 Audition Info



RETURNING STUDENTS - Friday, August 16 - DFAC Room B104 - 10am-7pm
NEW STUDENTS - Monday, August 19 - DFAC Room B104 - 11am-5pm


PERCUSSION!! - Friday, August 16 - DFAC Room C7 - 9am-12pm

Sign-up will be on the door of C7
Solo on Snare, Mallets and Timpani with sight reading



Audition Location and Sign-up
ALL WIND AND BRASS AUDITIONS WILL BE IN B104!!! Please go >>HERE<< and sign up for a time. ALSO!!, Sign up for the soonest available time unless you absolutely CANNOT make it work in your schedule. Signing up in the order you arrive is easier on the panel than having gaps in auditions. If you cannot make it during the allotted times please contact Dr. Shade immediately to arrange for another time to audition.


Audition Procedure and Preparation
Please find your respective audition excerpts below. The auditions will be done “blind.” Meaning they will not be face-to-face. The band teaching assistants will bring you into the room and show you where to sit. The committee listening to you will not be able to see you and you will not be able to see them. Please try not to make any noise and play your excerpts in order or as directed by the committee. Please do not speak or make any identifying noises.


Fall 2019 WSU Bands Concert Ensembles Audition EXCERPTS:


Percussion Auditions

Percussion majors should prepare a solo for each instrument, non-majors may play a solo on one or more:

  • Mallets: Two and/or four mallet piece on marimba, vibes, or xylophone
  • Snare drum: Solo (concert or rudimental)
  • Timpani: 2, 3, per 4 drums
  • The audition will include sight reading

***Percussion audition times are also found here.***
Please contact Professor Scholl for more information.

Audition Results
Audition results will be disseminated via email and will be posted no later than the morning of Wednesday, August 21st on the board outside of B104. (Dr. Shade's office)