Shocker Sound Machine is an ensemble without a definition. Taking its inspiration from Dance, DCI, WGI Winds, Broadway's Blast, as well traditional marching techniques and styles - Shocker Sound Machine dazzles audiences with their energy and virtuosity. Utilizing the instrumentation from Shocker Sound enhanced with a System Blue Drumline and outfitted by Fruhauf, the performances are dynamic and virtuosic.


FAQs regarding Shocker Sound Machine

What is the Shocker Sound Machine? What is a “Basketball Marching Band”?
This ensemble will be about ENTERTAINMENT. Imagine exciting, energetic, high-octane performances. That is what we are looking to create. Although the marching band has been synonymous with football, this ensemble is not really a "Marching Band" in a traditional sense, it is something new! Shocker Sound Machine (SSM) will be a movement-based ensemble that will incorporate traditional and contemporary techniques for movement and sound. Performances could be seen at basketball games, local high-school football games, and other events as they arise.

When will the marching band begin performing?
Academic year 2018-19 will be the preview year for Shocker Sound Machine. Expect to see them at some select men’s and women’s basketball games and university functions. Our full Athletic Band program will formally roll out in Academic Year 2019-20.

What kind of community events and parades will the band perform in?
We do not see the Shocker Sound Machine as a traditional militaristic, pageantry style ensemble. Therefore parades, if we perform in them, will not see the band "marching" down the street. It will be something different. Other community events could include pop-up concerts, flash-mobs, private events, pep rallys - we do not quite know yet. At first we will keep the performance schedule small until we can clarify all performance styles of the ensemble.

Will it cost anything to be a member of the Athletic Band Program at WSU?
At this point we see no costs for students in regards to uniforms, instruments, or travel. Starting in academic year 2019-20, there will be a 1 credit course offered each semester that students will be expected to enroll in. We are hoping to offer scholarships to offset the partial or complete costs of course enrollment for as many students as we can.

Will students receive scholarships/stipends to be in the band?
It is our hope that we will be able to scholarship the majority of students in the athletic band program.

Will this take away from the band we already have for games?
NO! Shocker Sound will still function as it always has - providing entertainment for the fans and support for our teams at sporting events. Shocker Sound Machine is an addition to the WSU Athletic Bands program and will provide an additional layer and opportunity for our students and program in performance and entertainment.

What’s the audition process?
The audition process will consist of a playing and movement audition and will occur during the first week of classes.

Do I have to be a music major to participate?
You do not! In fact, we are looking forward to including as many non-majors as possible.

Do I have to be a full-time student?
No! Each member must only be enrolled in at least one class at WSU outside of Shocker Sound or Shocker Sound Machine.

Will there be a drum line?
We anticipate that there will be a drumline for our students and audiences to experience.


For more information contact Dr. Timothy Shade, Director of Bands.