Black Lives Matter

The School of Performing Arts at Wichita State University stands in solidarity with our students and colleagues of color. We live in a country that continues to struggle with racism and other implicit and systemic injustices for many marginalized groups of people.  

As artists and teachers in the arts, we have the unique opportunity to share stories and artistic expressions that represent our common humanity. As artists and scholars, we are compelled to speak out against injustice and against a culture that fosters the delegitimizing and dehumanizing of people based on the color of their skin. 

We are dedicated to promoting diversity and embracing cultural differences by examining curriculum, programming, policies, and practices. We are committed to continued diversification of both our faculty & student education including guest faculty and artists of color, community dialogue focused on equity, and virtual conversations with artists across the nation.

As faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners, let's begin this work for change together by forming the School of Performing Arts Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Alliance. The alliance will guide us towards a better understanding of each other and how to create a space that is diverse, inclusive, and safe for everyone.

We stand with our students and others across the nation who are building a better future. Through direct struggle, allyship, and practice, the arts can help create the future our students deserve. We know there is work to be done and we are committed to change.

School of Performing Arts