Graduate Council Members

Current representatives and the areas of their representation are below:

Area of Representation


Term Exp.

W. Frank Barton School of Business

Khawaja Saeed

May 2017

College of Education

Marlene Schommer-Aikins

May 2018

College of Engineering

Pingfeng Wang

May 2017

College of Fine Arts

Alan Held

May 2018

College of Health Professions

Victoria Mosack

May 2018

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:


Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Social Sciences

Robert Weems
Elizabeth Behrman
Lou Medvene

May 2017

At Large

Julie Scherz (Health Prof.)

May 2017

Student Representative

Denise Douty (Education)

May 2017

Doctoral Program Sub-Council

The Doctoral Program Sub-Council exists for the general advocacy of doctoral programs throughout the University community and to review, determine, and recommend policies for doctoral programs. Membership consists of the graduate dean, associate dean, one representative from each doctoral program, and the At-Large member from the Graduate Council.

Area of Representation Representative Term Exp.
Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Rahman May 2017
Chemistry David Eichhorn May 2017
Educational Leadership Jean Patterson May 2017
Psychology Lou Medvene May 2017
Physical Therapy Barbara Smith May 2017
Audiology Julie Scherz May 2017
Communicative Disorders and Sciences Tony DiLollo May 2017
Nursing Practice Alicia Huckstadt May 2017
Aerospace Engineering Klaus Hoffmann May 2017
Applied Mathematics Thomas DeLillo May 2017
Electrical and Computer Engineering Rajiv Bagai May 2017
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Wilfredo Moscoso May 2017
Dean Graduate School Dennis Livesay
Associate Dean Graduate School Kerry Wilks