Readmission Request Form
International Graduate Students

Students are generally granted one readmission/deferral of admission before being required to reapply for their program. If you have requested readmission previously, and had an I-20 issued for that readmission, we may require that you reapply for admission.

Have you studied at another school since your admission to WSU?
Are you currently in the United States?
If you wish to have your new I-20 form sent to you using an express mail service, you can do so by paying an additional $60.00 (US) express mailing fee. If you wish to have your documents sent to you by express mail, please click YES below, and when your readmission request is processed, our staff will contact you with instructions on how to pay the fee.

Please review your answers to ensure all the information is correct, then click "submit" below. The Graduate School staff will email you when your request has been processed, or if they have any questions, usually within one week of receipt of the readmission request.