The Tiger, Fort Hays State MascotFort Hayes State University

Patrice Betz Effects of Environmental and Human Disturbance Factors on the Range Contraction of North American Bird and Mammal Species

Mitchell Myer Black Footed Ferret (Mustela Nigripes) Disperson in Western Kansas (BioKansas Award)

Wildcat, Kansas State University Mascot Kansas State University

Kavitha Penugonda Iron Bioavailability of Sorghum, Cowpea, Corn and Soybean Fortified Blended Foods (BioKansas award)

Ryan Schmid Hessian Fly, Mayetiola Destructor, Response to Different Colors of Leds

Gorilla, Pittsburg State University Mascot Pittsburg State University

Jyothi Kallu PSMA-Receptor Targeting Magnetic Nanoprobes: Novel Nanotheranostisc for the Treatment of Prostate Carcinomas (BioKansas award)

Jayhawk, Kansas University mascotUniversity of Kansas

Kelly Harrison Development of Subunit Vaccines Using Fusion Proteins from Salmonella (BioKansas award)

Mitchell C. VeDepo Inter-Species Variation in Decellularization of Aortic Heart Values

Jayhawk, the Kansas University Mascot University of Kansas Medical Center

Teresa Kilkenny Developing and Implementing a Circumcision Multimedia Decision Aid: A Quality Process Improvement Project (BioKansas award)

Asona J. Liu Overexpression of Interferon Stimulated Genes Is Critical for the Survival of Aromatase Inhibitor-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells

WuShock, the Wichita State University MascotWichita State University

Parisa Eimanzadeh Nurse Staffing for Inpatient Settins Using a Stochoastic Modeling Approach

Alexander Foster Methods for Optimizing Trajectories of All-Electric Satellites for Multiple Variables and Launch Conditions

Abhingnan Telakapalli Automatic Talk Back and Exoskeleton System Using Brain Neural Computer Interface for ALS Patiens (BioKansas Award)