14th Annual CGRS

Emporia State University word mark

Emporia State University

Winners Abstract Title
Thomas Houk Improved Tracking of Kansas Economic Activity (BioKansas award)
Mary M. Ralston DNA Barcoding of Blow Fly Species in Coffey County, Kansas (University award)

Fort Hays State University

Winner Abstract Title
Adam Rusk UAV-Collected Multispectral Imagery for Identifying Rangeland Vegetation in a Southern Mixed-Grass Prairie (BioKansas and University awards)

Kansas State University

Winners Abstract Title
Ryan Schmid Protecting Kansas Wheat: Assessment of a Novel Hessian Fly Monitoring Strategy (University award)
Zheng Zhao Developing Multiplexed Detection of Blood Exosomal Markers for Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer (BioKansas award)

Pittsburg State University

Winners Abstract Title
Rachel Bechtold Bacterial Diversity of an Abandoned Mine Land Soil in Southeast Kansas (University award)
Sanket Bhoyate Green Polyurethanes for Industrial Applications Using Eco-Renewable Resources (BioKansas award)

University of Kansas

Winner Abstract Title
Cate Wisdom Biomimicking Biological Interfaces by Engineered Multi-Functional Peptides to Prevent Implant-Associated Infections (BioKansas and University awards)

University of Kansas Medical Center

Winner Abstract Title
Jacob New Secretory Autophagy in Tumor Associated Fibroblasts Promotes Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Progression and Emerges as a Novel Therapeutic Target (BioKansas and University awards)

Wichita State University

Winners Abstract Title
Kelsay E. Gardiepy "If It Bleeds, It Leads" vs #HesstonStrong: A Fantasy-Theme Analysis of Local and National News Coverage of the 2016 Hesston, Kansas Shooting (University award-2nd place)
Mostafa Hasan Determining an Effective Treatment Plan for Breast Cancer: A Multi-Criteria Decision Model and Algorithm (BioKansas award)
Alicia Keow Solar Energy Harvesting Using Ionic Polymer-Metal Enhanced Water Electrolysis (University award-1st place)