Corky, Emporia State University mascot Emporia State University

Cinthya Saldana Y-screening Assay to Streamline Sexual Assault Sample Processing at the Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory (BioKansas award)

Joshua Key Learning Analytics and Dropout Detection: Developing an Early Warning System to Support Potential Dropouts (University award)

The Tiger, Fort Hays State MascotFort Hays State University

Kyle Schumacher Multi-season Occupancy Modeling and Development of Long-term Avian Monitoring Protocols at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge (BioKansas award)

Callea Breiner Quality of Life and Self-efficacy in Ostomy Patients in a Local Support Group (University award)

Wildcat, Kansas State University Mascot Kansas State University

Laura Constance Role of the Gut Microbiome in Response to Vaccination and Viral Respiratory Infection in Growing Pigs (BioKansas award)

Stuart Sprague Expression of Atgrxs17 in Maize Increases Yield Under Heat Stress (University award)

Gorilla, Pittsburg State University Mascot Pittsburg State University

Sanket Bhoyate Industrially Producible High-performance Corn-oil Based Flame Retardent Rigid Polyurethane Foams (BioKansas award)

Ren Bean Personalized Drug-cocktail Nanomedicine for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer (University award & MoValley Parental Drug Association award)

Jayhawk, Kansas University mascotUniversity of Kansas

Tugba Turnaoglu Slow-release Fertilizers to Improve Kansas Agriculture (BioKansas award)

Taybor Parker Stopping Colorectal Cancer Before It Starts: the Many Roles of the Apc Protein (University award)

Erika Nolte Turning Back Time: Reversing Alzheimer's Disease Progression (MoValley Parental Drug Association award)

Jayhawk, the Kansas University Mascot University of Kansas Medical Center

Shireen Usman Transcriptome Characterization and Development of Targeted Therapy in Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma (BioKansas award)

Nicholas Marchello Diet Quality During Weight Maintenance in Rural Breast Cancer Survivors (University award)

WuShock, the Wichita State University MascotWichita State University

Ali Adibi Quantifying Potential Therapeutic Benefit of Spatiotemporal Dose Modulation for Cancer Treatment (BioKansas award)

Drew Colcher Linguistic Discrimination Against Latino Residents of Garden City, Kansas (University award)