Corky, Emporia State University mascot Emporia State University

Bethany Roberton Effects Of Seasonal Burn Treatments On Native Perennial Plants And Pollinator Recruitment: Implications For Prairie Conservation (University award and BioKansas award)

The Tiger, Fort Hays State MascotFort Hays State University

Paul Hess Rna Interference Of Genes Within The Unfolded Protein Response Of The Pea Aphid (Acyrthosiphon Pisum) (University award and BioKansas award)

Spencer McCue Rna Interference Of Genes Within The Unfolded Protein Response Of The Pea Aphid (Acyrthosiphon Pisum) (BioKansas award)

Wildcat, Kansas State University Mascot Kansas State University

Arvind Damodara Kannan Beneficial Recovery Of Ammonia From Swine Wastewater For Reuse As Targeted Slow Release Fertilizer (University award)

Dryden Baumfalk Effects Of Prostate Cancer And Exercise Training On Left Ventricular Function And Cardiac And Skeletal Muscle Mass (BioKansas award)

Ashish Kumar Fluorescence Assays For Detection, Discrimination And Quantification Of Siderophores (BioKansas Drug-devlopment focus award)

Gorilla, Pittsburg State University Mascot Pittsburg State University

Felipe de Souza Expandable Graphene As An Effective Flame-Retardant In Bio-Based Rigid Polyurethane Foams (University award and BioKansas award)

Raghunath Narayanam Doxorubicin-Based Prodrug And Activatable Mr Nanoprobe For The Imaging And Treatment Of Cancer (BioKansas Drug-devlopment focus award)

Jayhawk, Kansas University mascotUniversity of Kansas

Sal Rahmini Reduction Of Supersonic Jet Noise By Modifying The Nozzle Exit Geometry (University award)

Swarnagowri Vaidyanathan Development Of Nanofluidic Device For Detecting Cancer (BioKansas award)

Jayhawk, the Kansas University Mascot University of Kansas Medical Center

Olivia Provance Interferon Induced Transmembrane Protein-1 Plays A Vital Role In Triple-Negative Breast Cancer And Can Be Targeted By The Naturally Derived Compound Parthenolide (University award and BioKansas Drug-development focus award)

Connor Chestnut Targeting Bladder Cancer With Cinnamaldehyde And Trans-Cinnamic Acid (BioKansas award)

WuShock, the Wichita State University MascotWichita State University

Md. Nizam Uddin Sustainable Freshwater Harvesting From Atmosphere Through Electrospun Superhydrophobic Polyacrylonitrile Nanocomposite Fibers (University award)

Paige Fiekert The Contributions Of Soy Protein Quaternary Structures On Viscoelastic Properties Of Polyethylene Oxide/Soy Protein Composites (BioKansas award)

Andrea Coover Assessing Knowledge And Attitudes Of A Rural Primary Care Practice Initiating Suboxone Treatment For Opiod Use (BioKansas Drug-development focus award)