Corky, Emporia State University mascot Emporia State University

Ting Wang Rare Disease, Rare Information: Using Social Media to Satisfy Unmet Information Needs (University award)

The Tiger, Fort Hays State MascotFort Hays State University

Haley Moon Jury Decision Making: The Influence of Mock-Juror Demographics on Verdict Outcomes (Univeristy award)

Wildcat, Kansas State University Mascot Kansas State University

Kelly Shunje Fine Tuning the Physical Properties of Urea Fertilizer using Crystal Engineering (University award)

Cameron Osborne Identifying Enzymes Limiting an Effective RNAI Response in the Pidint Midge Culicoides Sonorensis (Runner up)

Gorilla, Pittsburg State University Mascot Pittsburg State University

Kaitlin Barnett COVID-19 Health Information Seeking: Knowledge & Vested Interests in Midwest Populations (University award)

Jayhawk, Kansas University mascotUniversity of Kansas

Ankit Verma A Sustainable Process for Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries (University award)

Kelsey Fortin Hunger and Health: Understanding the Acceptability and Approach of a Health Coaching Intervention in the Food Pantry (Runner up)

Jayhawk, the Kansas University Mascot University of Kansas Medical Center

Nadia Alissa The Chemonkine C-C Motif Ligrand 1 (CCL2) Plays an Important Role in Skeltal Muscle Wasting Associated With Breast Cancer (University award)

WuShock, the Wichita State University MascotWichita State University

Judydiana Chavira A Survey of Kansas Speech-Language Pathologists' Knowledge and Confidence Regarding Literacy Intervention (University award)

Lisa Vayda What Factors Have an Effect on the Life Expectancy of Kansas Citizens? (Runner up)