GRASP 2020 Award Winners

1st place: Ramanan Sritharan, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Advisor: Dr. Davood Askari. Topic: "Application of Helical Carbon Nanotubes for the Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Laminated Composites and Bonded Joints."

2nd place: Katie Bailey, Josie Eck, Greg Schuknecht, Katty Regalado, Department of Physician Assistant, Advisor: Sue Nyberg. Topic: "Patient Satisfaction: A Framework for Clinical Practice."

3rd place: Grace LeMaster, Department of Physician Assistant, Advisor: LaDonna Hale. Topic: "Granuloma Annulare and Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Primary Care: A Case Report."

4th place: Rachel Klausmeyer, Department of Chemistry, Advisor: Moriah Beck. Topic: "Does Palladin Bind to Monomeric Actin?."

5th place: Darby Batchelor, Department of Health Sciences/Communication Sciences and Disorders, Advisor: Trisha Self. Topic: "Training Part C Early Intervention Providers to Screen for Autism Spectrum Disorder."

Honorable Mentions

Rex Hafenstine, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Advisor: Yongkuk Lee. Topic: "Flexible Electronics for Skin Wearable pH Sensor."

Jason Bosch, Kayla Jasso, Mercy Umeri, Ricki Ellison, Tamara Huff, & Stuart Moeckel, Department of Counseling, Educational Leadership, Educational and School Psychology (CLES), Advisor: Kristin Sherwood. Topic: "Building Bridges and Strengthening Bonds: Hispanic Family Engagement and Student Achievement?."

Meris Carte, Department of Biological Sciences, Advisor: Mark Schneegurt. Topic: "Ecological Succession of the Microbial Community of a Spacecraft Assembly Facility in Enriched Brines Relevant to Mars."

Past GRASP Winners

GRASP 2019 Award Winners

1st place: Jamie Wooley-Snider, Department of Sociology. Advisor: Dr. Jodie Hertzog. Topic: "Sexual Minority Youth and Teen Dating Violence: Predicting Emotional Distress."

2nd place: Heather Forster, Department of Biological Sciences. Advisor: Dr. Bin Shuai. Topic: "Innovative Genetic Approach May Give Crops Resistance to Charcoal Rot Disease."

3rd place: Alisha Prince, Department of Biological Sciences. Advisors: Dr. David McDonald. Topic: "Antimicrobial Synergy Between Cranberry and Manuka Honey Against Dental Caries Bacteria."

4th place TIED: Ramanan Sritharan, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Advisor: Dr. Davood Askari. Topic: "Mechanical Properties Improvement of Polymeric Nanocomposites Reinforced with Chemically Functionalized Helical Carbon Nanotubes: Influence of Processing Time and Molarities of Acids."

4th place TIED: Caleb Gimar, Department of Physics. Advisor: Dr. Nickolas Solomey. Topic: "Monte Carlo Simulations of a Near-Solar Orbit Neutrino Detector."

People's Choice: Paige Feikert, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Advisors: Dr. Bin Li. Topic: "Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Soy Protein/Polyethylene Oxide Composites."

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