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A Letter from the Director // LaWanda Holt-Fields

Research Articles

The Impact of Age and Gender on Reaction Time While Texting and Driving

Kimberly Beltran

Youth Sport Administrators’ Perceptions and Knowledge of Policies on Child Maltreatment

Sharon Cox

Nest success of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher: Relevance for understanding population declines of Neotropical migratory songbirds

Olivia Graves

Computer Aided Design of Drug Delivery Systems

Joshua Palacios

Research Summaries

The Relationship Between Home Literacy, Language Practices, and Phonological Awareness Skills in Young English Language Learners

Raven Bell

The Ecological Impact of Rap Music

Marcus Crawford

Why Do I Text Thee?: Text Messaging Motives and Beliefs in Romantic Relationships

Sarah Cummings

A Qualitative Study of Peer Labeling

Kristina Durham

Student Perceptions of Poverty

Sein Lengeju

The Development of an Electronic Alert and Monitoring System for Use on a Bio-Sand Filter

Zachary Pearson

Adjustments in Study Abroad Requirements for U.S. Higher Education System Are Needed to Increase College Students’ Bi-sensibility

Chandler Williams

From Blackboards to Discussion Boards: An Exploration of Virtual Education in the Midwest

Monica Williams