McNair Research Evaluation #1

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McNair Scholar First Name

McNair Scholar Last Name

Research Mentor Name


Research Title

Please address the following questions to the best of your knowledge.

1. Assess the current level of your scholar's research skills.

Fair Average Above Average Excellent

2. A. Have you and your scholar established a research plan?
Yes No

2. B. Have you and your scholar established an action plan/time line for meeting the goals of the research plan?
Yes No

3. A. Is your scholar working on a project he or she designed?
Yes No

3. B. Is your scholar working on a project in conjunction with your research?
Yes No

4. A. Are you satisfied with your scholar's research project at this point?
Yes No

4. B. Cite specific steps taken by your scholar

5. A. Does your scholar require a great deal of direction?
Yes No Some

5. B. Please explain

6. A. Have you identified your scholar's writing strengths and/or weaknesses?
Yes No

6. B. Please list characteristics

7. A. How often are you meeting with your scholar?

Once a week Twice a week Bi-weekly Other

7. B. On average how long are your meetings?

15 mins 30 mins 45 mins 1 hour

7. C. Are you regularly scheduled meetings with your scholars going satisfactorily?
Yes No

7. D. Please explain

8. At this point in the research process, do you need any assistance from the McNair Program?
Yes No

If so, please explain:

9. A. Have you talked to your scholar about preparing for an oral or poster presentation?
Yes No

9. B. If no, when do you plan to have that meeting?

10. A Have you and your scholar discussed plans for graduate school?

Yes No

10. B. If so, what aspects

In comparison with a representative group of students at the same grade level or in the same field with the same field with the same general background, experience, and training, how would you rank the scholar in the following areas? PLEASE COMMENT ON YOUR RATINGS.

1. Intellectually Ability

2. Motivation to study chosen field

3. Knowledge of topic

4. Work habits

5. Productivity

6. Prompt completion of tasks

7. Initiative

8. Research Skills

9. Writing Skills

10. Oral Communication Skills

11. Ability to work with others

12. Further Comments