McNair Research Evaluation #3

*Faculty Mentor, please complete form.


McNair Scholar First Name

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Research Mentor Name


Research Title

Please address the following questions to the best of your knowledge.

1. Assess the current level of your scholar's research skills at the conclusion of this research experience.

1. B. Please list specifics

2. Since your initial progress report, what improvements, if any, has your scholar demonstrated?

3. A. Did your scholar remain "on task" throughout this process?"

3. B. Please explain in detail.

4. A. Were you satisfied with your scholar's preparation for the Annual Closing Symposium?

4. B. Please specify why or why not. If the project is not completed, what remains to be done at this point?

5. Please identify your scholar's writing strengths and/or weaknesses.

6. A. If your scholar had other difficulties, please identify them.

6. B. How did you address these difficulties or weaknesses? Or did you?

6. C. What can the program do to assist both the scholar and the mentor in the future?

7. A. Have you and your scholar discussed other conference presentations, student or professional?

7. B. If yes, please list them.

8. Have you discussed possible publication other than the Journal of Research Reports, a joint article perhaps?

9. A. Have you and your scholar worked on a graduate school application or statement of purpose?

9. B. If no, why not?

9. C. If yes, please list specific programs and their institutions

In comparison with a representative group of students at the same grade level or in the same field with the same field with the same general background, experience, and training, how would you rank the scholar in the following areas?

1. Intellectually Ability

2. Motivation to study chosen field

3. Knowledge of topic

4. Work habits

5. Productivity

6. Prompt completion of tasks

7. Initiative

8. Research Skills

9. Writing Skills

10. Oral Communication Skills

11. Ability to work with others

12. Further Comments