Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training Requirement

Completion of a training program in professional and scholarly integrity is a new graduation requirement for all doctoral students admitted into their program in fall 2012 or later and for all masters students admitted to their program in fall 2013 or later. The training, at a minimum, must cover these four topical areas:

  1. Research misconduct;
  2. Publication practices and responsible authorship;
  3. Conflict of interest and commitment; and
  4. Ethical issues in data acquisition, management, sharing and ownership.

Programs may add additional areas of needed training. Programs can include specific content in courses to meet this requirement or may use external sources, including the use of CITI modules to meet this requirement. Contact the program graduate coordinator or department chair for the training content detail and how the training can be received. The Graduate School expects that students will complete this training requirement by the end of their first year of graduate study at Wichita State University. 

List of programs requiring only CITI modules