How many women are sexually assaulted?

It is estimated that 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted.

What is the concept of “consent?”

There are three concepts to whether a person can give consent to sex.

1. Knowledge- by the person of the nature of the activity and its consequences, not only physical, but moral, psychological, ethical, and emotional consequences.
2. Intelligence- if the person realizes the benefits and risks associated with the activity.
3. Voluntariness- this decision is free of any unreasonable coercion to choose to engage or refrain from sexual activity.

How long can someone wait to report sexual assault?

The most important part of recovery after an assault is to concentrate on the mental and psychological well-being of the victim. Some may not be ready to report such a crime immediately after the assault. There is no statue of limitations for sexual assault, but the longer you wait the more evidence is lost. The sooner you do report the assault the better the change of the assaulter being charged.

Can I still report the assault even if I’ve been drinking?

At least half of all sexual assaults reported involve alcohol by the assaulter, the victim, or both. Many victims may feel that if they had not been drinking, they could have prevented the assault from even happening. No matter if alcohol is involved, if no consent is give it is considered sexual assault. However research suggests that sober victims are more effectively able to resist or find a way to escape from a sexual assault encounter.

Myths & FAQs from BACCHUS Network at www.smartersex.org