What to Do If a Friend Has Been Sexually Assaulted

If you know of a friend who has experienced a sexual assault here’s how to help:
• Let the person express their feelings and listen instead of asking probing questions.
• Let the person make their own choices. You might present options but they should decide what they feel is the right choice for themselves.
• Let the person know how much support you can give. Know your own limits and refer to professionals when necessary.
(American College Health Association).

Other Services

Housing Room Changes and Other Services

“Students who desire assistance in changing housing arrangements are encouraged to contact the Office of University Housing for help with this matter. Academic assistance is provided through the dean’s office of the students’ academic college. Other assistance of a more general nature is available through the Dean of Student’s Office” (Policies & Procedures 8.16/Sexual Assault).

Drop Policy

After meeting with the Dean of Students, a decision will be made about the effects and trauma of the assault. This may result in a “trauma drop” for the remaining of the semester. This is entirely at the discretion of the Dean of Students, and based on case-by-case circumstances.