HEALTH Activities

In November 2005 HEALTH launched Campus Tobacco programs by participation in the Great American Smokeout with a Kick Butts with HEALTH promotion. As a result, HEALTH raised campus awareness through media channels (WSU TV, Sunflower Newspaper), prompted smokers to develop a Quit Plan prior to the Smokeout event, provided information about the Kansas Tobacco Quitline, and engaged smokers with a Trash Your Pack for a Snack activity on the day of the event.

Photo of the HEALTH campus awareness campaign.
Great American Smokeout Fall 2005

In January 2006 HEALTH members began research and development for campus policy change with the goal to develop a plan of action for smoke-free residence halls. Members additionally developed and began the ongoing administration of a survey assessing WSU student beliefs and behaviors related to tobacco and used the information to guide their planning activities.

Photo of the HEALTH Policy Workgroup.
HEALTH Policy Workgroup

In April 2006 the HEALTH Student Association participated in national Kick Butts Day by demonstrating They Put WHAT in a cigarette? with a display of common household chemicals that may be found in cigarette (such as cyanide, hair dye, rat poisoning). Kansas Tobacco Quitline, Social Smoking, and Second Hand Smoke educational information was provided to students and HEALTH members handed out wrist bands that read S3-Smart, Sexy, and Smokefree, key chains, drink koozies, and magnets with the HEALTH logo and Kansas Tobacco Quitline information.

Photo from the Kick Butts Day event.
Kick Butts Day 2006

In fall of 2006 HEALTH has been a continually active organization at WSU. We began the semester by coordinating expanded campus cessation services through WSU Student Health Services by providing Kick Butts Campus Quitkits to students who wanted help to stop smoking. The Great American Smokeout was the ideal event used to promote the new services and it also allowed HEALTH members to educate their peers about smoking.


HEALTH launched the My Date Puts Out campaign designed to promote the social norm that 82% of WSU students prefer to date someone who does not smoke. HEALTH was invited to present at the Kansas Tobacco Summit about their continued advocacy efforts toward a smoke free environment at WSU. And, the HEALTH membership presented the first phase of policy change to the WSU Residence Hall Council.

Photo showing the front and back of the Puts Out T-Shirts. The front reads, "My date puts out." The back reads that 82% of WSU students would rather date someone who doesn't smoke.

Puts Out T-Shirts