Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Individual/Family Focus
Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)


Fall – 1st Semester (Cr/Hr)
N703 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (3) 
N715 Advanced Nursing Practice Roles (1) 
N793 Advanced Pathophysiology I (4)

Spring – 2nd Semester
N801 Health Care Systems: Policy & Politics (3) 
N806 Evidence Based Nursing Practice & Outcomes of Care (3)

Fall – 3rd Semester
N826 Evidence Based Nursing Project I (2) 
N795A Applied Drug Therapy I (3)

Spring – 4th Semester
N701 Advanced Health Assessment (2) 
N702 Advanced Health Assessment Lab (1) 
N828 Evidence Based Nursing Project II (2)
N795B Applied Drug Therapy II (3)

Summer Pre-Session
N728 Advanced Practice Technology and Skills (3)

Fall – 5th Semester
N803 FNP Primary Care I (3) 
N804 FNP Primary Care Practicum I (4) 
N830 FNP Management & Clinical Application I (1) 
N838 Transition to FNP Advanced Practice Role I (1)

Spring – 6th Semester
N903 FNP Primary Care II (3)
N904 FNP Primary Care Practicum II (4)
N905 FNP Management & Clinical Application II (2) 
N906 Transition to FNP Advanced Practice Role II (1)

Fall – 7th Semester
N901 Organizational Systems & Leadership (3) 
N902 Population & Social Determinants of Health (3)
N952 Advanced Nursing Practice Preceptorship (3)

Spring – 8th Semester
N824 Advanced Pathophysiology II (2) 
N956 Practice Management (2) 
N959 Evidence Based Nursing Project III (3) 
N960 Residency – Clinical (2)

Fall – 9th Semester – or until completion
N960 Residency – Project (4)

Total Required Credit Hours for Doctor of Nursing Practice –Postbaccalaureate Degree: 74
*Must take a minimum of 3 credit hours for elective courses.