Physician Assistant Fellowship/Scholarship Funds

The Department of Physician Assistant (PA) has five fellowships/scholarships for PA students enrolled in the professional phase of the program.

As you may know, WSU's Department of Physician Assistant has an established reputation for graduating outstanding students. The Department has produced well over 1,400 PAs, most of whom practice in Kansas. Fellowships are essential to continue this graduate level support.

Health profession education is financed predominately by student loans, although there are a few scholarships available. Graduates of Wichita State University's PA Program have an average debt load of $38,000. Over the years, a few fellowships have been established to help offset costs for eligible students.

Students interested in applying for fellowships can visit the PA Financial Support Web page.

Clayton H. Shaw PA Student Society Fellowship

Established by the PA Class of 1979 with a contribution of $3,000, this fellowship was created to support students in the professional phase of the program. It is named after Clayton H. Shaw (Class of 1977) in 2005 to honor his long standing commitment to PA education and the profession.

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Harold P. (Hal) Gates Memorial Fellowship

Established by Mrs. Laverne Gates (widow of Harold Gates) in 1989 to honor Mr. Harold Gates for his tireless support of the program and PA students. Mr. Gates was an initial supporter of the WSU PA Program when it was established in 1972 at the Wichita Veteran's Hospital.

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Dr. Marvis Lary Fellowship

Established in 2001 to honor Dr. Marvis Lary (former PA Program Director and a graduate of the first WSU PA Class of 1975) for her work and dedication to the WSU PA Program and the profession.

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Kansas Academy of Physician Assistants (KAPA) Fellowship

Established in 2006, the KAPA Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to one PA student entering their second year of study.

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Dr. Tim and Kim Scanlan Fellowship

Established in 2004 with a contribution to the Wichita State University Foundation by the Scanlans. The Scanlans are graduates of WSU's Master of Business Administration program. Dr. Scanlan was the Medical Director of WSU's Physician Assistant Program from 1999 to 2009.

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Neil H. Riordan Physician Assistant Fellowship

Originally established in 1979 with a contribution of $3,395.40 from the Physician Assistant Student Society, chaired by Arvid Carlson. It was later converted to a departmental scholarship and then became a fellowship in early 2005 following the physician assistant program moving to the master's level. In late 2005, the name of Clayton H. Shaw was added to the fund.