The pandemic changed how we do business


Be ready for the next disruption



Learn how in 4 sessions


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Black waitress holding a tablet ready to take an order.

With the Small Business Digital Transformation Program (1 session per week for 4 weeks), learn how to develop a digital mindset, increase customer value, improve efficiencies, and make your business more resilient for whatever comes next.


Supported by City of Wichita ARPA grant and offered through The Office of Innovation and New Ventures.



A group of diverse people collaborating and taking notes.

Collaborate with experts and peers

Lobby of a fast food joint that has self serve order stations.

Develop a digital mindset

Butchers counter that has displays of barbequing ingredients and tools.

Transform customer experience

Cooking instruction provided to a class over zoom.

Create new revenue streams

Person standing at a counter examining the candles and other products.

Build customer loyalty


Customer expectations have changed.  They want products and services that meet their needs and solve problems faster, better, and cheaper.




Incorporating Digital Tools can improve your customer's experience and increase efficiencies that improve your bottom line.


The Small Business Digital Transformation Program engages students to connect small business leadership and digitally focused talent.



A menu laid on a table next to a drink. A waiter waits to take order on a tablet.


Upon course completion your company may be eligible for funding up to $10,000* for implementing digital tools.

(* funding is subject to availability)


Digital Tools can help capture data that provides insights into customer needs, improve efficiencies in business processes, expand your customer reach with online sales, and increase customer connection and loyalty.


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(Some restrictions apply)