Why Design Thinking?

From Fortune 100 to entrepreneurial start-ups, Design Thinking methods are used by companies competing in fast-moving environments who are facing disruption in their industry, looking to build a culture of innovation, manage change, align teams, and differentiate their brand. Design Thinking processes are adaptable to any business environment and are highly effective for companies seeking a consistent approach to problem-solving that is efficient, innovative, and reduces risks through rapid prototyping and testing.


In a recent McKinsey poll, 84% of global executives reported that innovation was extremely important to their growth strategies, but a staggering 94% were dissatisfied with their organizations’ innovation performance.

The corporate world has seen an explosion of innovation programs in the past few years, with 38% of the leading 200 companies setting up innovation centers in a global tech hub. Source: Campainlive.co.uk.

The top in-demand skills according to the World Economic Forum include complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence.


When people talk about innovation in this decade, they really mean design.
Bruce Nussbaum
Author of 'Creative Intelligence' and "Mentor-in-Residence" at New Inc



College of Innovation & Design Courses on Design Thinking

Course Name Term Credit Hours Learn More
ID 300 - Design Thinking & Innovation Full Semester 3  
ID 500(H) - Design Thinking Process 4 Weeks 1  
ID 501 - Design Thinking Facilitation 4 Weeks 1  
ID 502 - Design Thinking Implementation: Challenges 1 8 Weeks  2  
ID 505 - Design Thinking Implementation: Challenges 2 8 Weeks 2  
ID 710 - Service Design Thinking 8 Weeks 2  












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