We take a "whole system" approach

We believe in creating frameworks in which individuals, organizations, and societies can "thrive in perpetuity"1. Using a combination of tailored courses and applied challenges, we explore creative and innovative solutions to wicked problems, including social responsibility, resource use and environmental services, organizational change management, and supporting the long-term economic growth of our communities. 

As global economies evolve and populations increase, the Minor in Sustainability through the College of Innovation and Design prepares students for the enhanced management of social, environmental, economic, and cultural resources. In a complex world, sustainable growth requires understanding not only your environmental resources, but your social and economic stakeholders as well. 


Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more good.
Jochen Zeitz
President & CEO of Harley Davidson, Inc.

While the challenges facing us are endless, the College of Innovation and Design focuses on the following areas in sustainability and innovation: 

  • Innovation life cycle
  • Change Management
  • Sustainable Business Development
  • Social Justice & Economic Mobility
  • Challenges in Sustainability and Innovation

1. Werbach, Adam. 2009. Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto. Harvard Business Press.  


College of Innovation & Design Courses on Sustainability

Course Name Term Credit Hours Learn More
ID 509 - Applied Sustainability in Innovation Full Semester 3 View Syllabus
ID 720 - Sustainable Teams and Organizations Full Semester 3 View Syllabus







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